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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Back to Before!

Okay, as you see I've changed my header to how it was before...thank you for being honest! I sort of like it this way too- even though I will always be in love with that bunches of desserts picture! I really have to find a place to put it, I just have to use it in something...maybe my flipbook?


P.S.- A new post is coming soon!

Monday, June 25, 2007

My Blog Header!

Okay, as you see, I've changed the tableware picture I used to have to that adorable cake/cupcake/fashionable woman picture. Do you like it? Or should I maybe change it back to how it was before? Tell me- I'm a sort of indecisive person :)


Saturday, June 23, 2007

Frederic Fekkai Hair Products: Definitely Try Them!

So there I was with my mother in the Clarins counter in Macy's, bored out of my mind while the sales lady tried to get us to buy like a million creams and "serums". I left my mother, and went to check out the Frederic Fekkai hair products close by. Of course I had heard of this "elite" hair brand many times in books like Gossip Girl and The Clique (I think) as well as in magazines but I never really thought about buying anything from there. Luckily, I was running out of my John Freida shampoo and conditioner almost completely, so I had an excuse to buy it! I ended up buying the Glossing Shampoo and Conditioner, and that night when I washed my hair, oh my gosh! It felt soft and manageable- I just it. Also, I let my hair air-dry, and not one knot formed in my already longish hair, which is just incredible for my knot-prone hair. Of course, the super elegant-makes-me-feel-pretty packaging helped in making me buy it, too. Definitely try this brand- I already bought the matching Glossing Cream! Trust me- you'll absoulutely love it- and if you don't, um...I owe you a soda? No, the soda will get all hot on the way to your house. So, if you don't love it- sorry, but it worked for me!

Hope You Loved It!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007


Okay, pay no attention to this...even though the letters are very adorable. It's to help my friend with her Flip Book. LONG Story :)

Keep Commenting on My Other Post (the one before this one)... I'll Delete This One Later.


Monday, June 18, 2007

These Are a Few of My Favorite Things....

Yay! I've finally been tagged by one of my fellow bloggers (Über Chic) and now you get to know all about me! But first here are the...

Game Rules: (Sorry Über Chic for copying/pasting your rules)

Each player starts with 7 random facts/habits about themselves. People who are tagged need to then report this on their own blog with their 7 things as well as these rules. They then need to tag 7 others and list their names on their blog. They are also asked to leave a comment for each of the tagged, letting them know they have been tagged and to read the blog.

1. I'm a Glossoholic
I am literally obsessed with lip gloss. I've always wished I could have a Glossip Girl subscription like Massie does in The Clique books, but minus the yucky flavors like Dill Pickle or BBQ Chicken, of course! Anyways, my latest addictions are Chanel Glossimer in Sirop, Benefit Her Glossiness in Life on the A-list, and Benefit The Gloss in Kiss Me- but comment to tell me your favorites so I can try them out...I just sort of want new favorites.

2. I Just Adore Cupcakes!
I mean how could you not like cupcakes? I'm sort of planning for my birthday party to have a platter of cute, decorated cupcakes with a lighted candle in each instead of a cake. Isn't that cute? When I went to NYC, I went to Billy's Bakery which was just so delicious! I loved it. Definitely try it!

3. I Secretly Love Juicy Couture
Which is not such a secret anymore, is it? Well anyways, I just love all that Juicy Couture stands for- girlie, comfy, cute...adorable! Also, before I would just wear anything no matter how uncomfortable it was, as long as it was fashionable. Now I insist on anything I wear to be super fashionable (still first on my priorities) and comfy. And, the jewelry is (usually) fabulous!

4. I Love Everything French!
Pretty dorky, but still completely true! I just adore French Poodles, French manicures, French Vanilla Ice Cream, and French Pink. And, before anybody comments that half of those things I listed aren't really French, I know, okay? I just like that they say French. Told you I was dorky! Oh, and I don't like French berets.

French Vanilla Ice Cream...Love it!
5. I Have a Super-Eclectic Taste in Music!
My Itunes Music Library looks like 10 different people own my Ipod- seriously. I have a lot of Alternative music, like Relient-K, Hellogoodbye, and Plain White Tees as well as 80's Rock such as Boston, Billy Idol () and Journey. I then have a bunch of Latin music like Enrique Iglesias, Ricardo Arjona, and La 5a. Estacion as well as a bunch of Pop (The Veronicas, KT Tunstall, Madonna!). Not to mention the bit of Hip-Hop I have, too, which is mostly by the Black Eyed Peas. I even have some Brazilian music! Gosh, okay...

6. My Favorite Food is...Bacon!
I know I totally sound like that kid on Even Stevens who only ate bacon, but he had a point- it is so yummy! Especially when it is crispy and fresh- with a side of sunny side up eggs!

7. I Am Obsessed With Little, Fashionable Items!
I just adore any thing I can say is adorable. And if you read my blog, you probably have noticed how many times I have said that word- adorable. I really can't stop...maybe I should trademark it? That would probably be the equivalent of Paris Hilton trademarking "That's Hot", so, No Thanks. Anyways, a cute example of a little, fashionable item would be my new Coach Leather Pig Charm which is just so adorable! Oops...sorry :).
I Now Officially Found Out How Little I Know About Myself...This Post Took Me Forever!
Hope You Loved It!
Love Ya,
Okay, Let's See...I am tagging Dilemma Knows Fashion, Bombazine Doll, Be Jealous., If You Can't Think of Anything Nice to Say...Come Sit Here By Me, I Am Fashion, Jazzberry Jam, and Maholo Fashion!

Sunday, June 10, 2007

I Just Adore Making Outfits! Perfumes? Not So Much!

My favorite past time ever, if this is even considered a past time, is most definitely creating outfits! I mean call me wierd, but I just love to think there are so many adorable outfits in my closet that I haven't even thought up yet! Like I whole little world in there of adorable-ness, that I haven't even half-discovered. And that's why I'm dedicating this post to an outfit creation, all courtesy of ShopBop, my favorite website ever. And to explain the part of the perfumes in my title, it is just that when I was small, I would create little perfumes with water and flowers and such, and then I would put them in my mother's empty perfume bottles. They looked very nice, but the smell? They didn't even smell like anything! And I would consider my outfits to have much more flava than that!

So do you like it? Gosh, it took me forever! My inspiration for this post was just this gorgeous Marc Jacobs cap (with moons and stars on it), but it didn't look good with anything I put it with. Either it looked too matchy-matchy or too wierd, and since I am not the funkiest person in the world, I couldn't pair it up! I then decided on a $600+ Mike & Chris jacket, but it looked a bit too Harley Davidson to pair with a dress as I originally wanted. So then came a brown Diane von Furstenberg which didn't work out, and then (ta-da!) this outfit! I just adore that bracelet by the way! Here are the "credits" (how professional!):
  • Diane von Furstenberg St. Jude Silk Wrap Dress $325

  • KORS Shoes Spice Leather Platform Pump $97.50 (SALE!)

  • Rachel Leigh Ribbon Charm in Blue Dove $50

  • Adina Reyter Small Gold Horseshoe Necklace $550 (Come on, it's an investment!)

  • Marc Jacobs Sunglasses Scott Sunglasses $260

I Hope You Adored It!



P.S.- Comment on what you think of the outfit!

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Perfect Perfumes for Summer!

First, I would just like to say that after "Perfect Perfumes for Summer" I was about to continue it with "Try to Say That 5 Times Fast" but then I thought it sounded dorky, and besides, anyone in their right mind CAN actually say it 5 times fast, on account of how Summer is with a "S" not a "P". Also, blogger doesn't let me put titles of posts in italics. Okay, now that I got that over with, let's actually talk about this post! One of my best friends is having a birthday party/ get-together, and I would just love to give her a nice, summer-y perfume. I mean, first of all, it is Summer (so it makes sense to give her a Summer perfume) and I have always just preferred light, fruity perfumes to musky, strong ones. Seventeen magazine said "flirty personalities like fruity perfumes" but that is just completely bogus (haha I said bogus- I think I got that from that blond girl from Hey Arnold..."she had spunk!") because I am not really flirty at all. Okay, am I rambling? I feel like I'm rambling. I just hate ramblers! Let's just get on with this post, shall we?

Summer Perfumes for *cough* "Flirty" *cough* Personalities:

The latest edition of the Bond No. 9 Perfumery is...Coney Island! This perfume is all about the famous boardwalk and everything in it (such as Nathan's Famous hot dogs and the Cyclone Roller Coaster) which I think is just so cute. Of course, this perfume won't make you smell like sauerkraut and mustard- it's just reminiscent of the hot dogs, thankfully! In reality, the smell has hints of margarita mix, caramel, melon guava and more. This is my first pick for my summer perfume! The 1.7 oz. costs $125, while the 3.4 oz. costs $180.

Okay, I liked Ralph, I loved Ralph Cool, and Ralph Rocks was amazing. I just have to love Ralph Hot right? Right. It really is one of my favorite perfumes, and it's sophisticated, not fruity! YAY! I'm not flirty!!! Okay, anyways, this perfume blends mocha cream, cinnamon, maple, vanilla and more. Is it just me, or does this perfume sound edible? And yummy too! It sort of sounds like an exotic kind of Canadian-Jamaican cookie is you really think about it. Anyways, oh no wait! Does this mean I'm sophisticated? Woo-hoo, I'm sophisticated! Score! Okay...dork moment! This perfume costs $45 for the 1.7 oz. and about $60 for the 3.4 oz.

After I read about the perfumery called Comptoir Sud Pacifique in InStyle about a year ago, I just had to find out more about it! Long story short, I read the history of the Parisian company (makers of scents that make you feel like you're in paradise, all perfumes have their signature Tahitian vanilla), and never smelled the scents. Recently, I made a pit-stop to Sephora, and they had the line in stock. I smelled the Vanille Citrus scent with hints of vanilla cream, sugared milk, and blackcurrant syrup and was immediately in heaven! The 1.6 oz. bottle costs $53- expensive, but soooo worth it! Oh, and I changed my mind: this is my first pick for a Summer perfume!
Hope You Loved It!
Love Ya,
P.S.- I'm sophisticated!