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Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Tiffany & Co.- Frank Gehry Collection

So, how did everybody spend their Christmas? I spent it very good, actually- great food, family, gifts (recieved and gived), friends...I loved it! Well, my inspiration for this post is the gorgeous gift my father gave my mother, a Tiffany & Co. by Frank Gehry "Torque" (meaning: strength) ring. It really is fabulous in white gold, the one my mother got, because it blends femininity and masculinity (is that a word?) very, very well. This is the exact ring:

Don't you just love it? Here are some other ones I find are just gorgeous in this collection (by the way, my mom just got the first one-not all of the ones you are about to see!):

This is also a Torque ring, but it is actually made with Cachalong Opal. This is definetely more Mod 60's/Andy Warhol than the others, which actually makes it more young feeling even though it will probably go out of style faster, too.
This ring looks more femenine than the Torque, being the Equus ring. The added brilliant-cut diamond looks spectacular with the flowy shape of the ring, too.
This folded brushed silver pendant looks so chic and modern, it is just so opposite of the whole "Tiffany's" thing you would expect, basically very unexpected.
This brooch is so gorgeous that it's sort of hard to put it into words. Like, basically, I adore that it's actually a brooch when I thought it was like some unusual ice cream spoon. I also love that it has no tacky huge canary diamonds on it like other brooches do. It's simple and classic, very refined.

This bangle is one of the most fabulous I've seen in this collection. It obviously has the shape of the Torque, but in a bangle-size. It is made in brown banded agate, which brings up another thing I love about the collection, the materials used are just so exotic! Cachalong opal, brown-banded agate, nephrite green jade, onyx and acacia wood are just a few out of the many used in the whole collection. The collection is ginormous, by the way!
Hope You Loved It!
Luv Ya,

Monday, December 25, 2006

Merry Christmas, And a Happy

New Year!!!!

Friday, December 22, 2006

Warning: An Urge to Dig Up Your Old Tennis Racket is Inevitable!

This post is basically because I've just been drawn to a lot of preppy clothes lately. And I don't mean "Abercrombie" preppy, no, things like Lacoste and Ralph Lauren- the REAL preppy. I'm loving cable-knit v-necks, striped button downs, and RL and Lacoste polos. Also, I'm quite scared my pearl earrings are going to be permanently attached to my earlobes- I'm wearing them so much! Keep in mind that these prep pieces are for the most part, classic and staples in anyone's closet- which means a lot of the times you have to pay the price for that. But most items are things you'll wear again and again, so the prices aren't really bad at all. Here are some pieces I've been eyeing that would look great with the "preppy" look:

I love the classic and cool at the same time look of all Lacoste polos. Their fit is excellent and the quality of the material is quite good too. Besides that they are, well, ADORABLE in every way. I own a pink one and a lime one, but I really, really want a black one! I already have a navy RL Polo one, so I either want a black polo from RL Polo or Lacoste. This one would be great (hint, hint gift-givers): It's the Lacoste Stretch Pique Polo for $75

You can literaly never go wrong with a great bag, a white RL oxford, flats and (flattering, please!!!) dark jeans. A great ribbon belt like the one shown would also look fabulous. This oxford in particular has a great feminine fit without being revealing at all, it would look fabulous also with the sleeves rolled and scrunched up to show a cute charm bracelet...I'm thinking too much, again! It is the RL Blue Label Skinny Fit Oxford for $69.50.

This Tiffany and Co. bracelet is the perfect charm bracelet I was talking about! It's cute and girly, but it still maintains elegance, it just exudes classiness! Besides, who doesn't want to open a robin egg's blue box with white or red satin ribbon and find this bracelet? It is $450- just remember: investment, investment, investment!

I adore these Pumas! I seriously am considering buying mom is who actually showed them to me (she has an awesome eye for stuff like this) and at first I was like they're Ok, but then I kept seeing them, and now I love them! The color is great with everything, and I would wear them to school so much because they match with my uniform. Yes I have a uniform. Anyways, I l adore them...the price is great too at $39.95!
I'm always on the lookout for an adorable makeup case and this Kate Spade one really fits the bill. I love the colors and the fact that it has peacocks-yes peacocks- on it, but not in an obvious "I Peacocks" way. The bad thing is that it costs $50 which is quite a lot for a makeup case which makes me just want to stick with wanting a Lesportsac one for a much, much cheaper price.
Bring out the racquet and cute little white pleated tennis skirts because these are seriously too cute to not use! I know it is like not elegant to rattle around in the bushes over a lost tennis ball, but if it were one of these, I wouldn't give it a second thought! Also, they go for a great cause ,breast cancer, so nobody feels guilty! Not the salepeople, not the customer, not even...OK, you get the picture. They're Ralph Lauren Pink Pony for $10.

Luv Ya,

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Christmas Party Dressing: Jeans, or Not to Jeans?

Okay, I basically got inspired to do this post when my mom asked me what I was going to wear for the 24th at my grandma's house at her party. What an original story. Well anyway, since it's family and friends, I basically can either wear jeans with a cute top, or skinny pants (maybe velvet? No, I think it's gonna' be curduroy!) with like a sweater and flats. Usually, for Christmas parties, I like to wear Abercrombie knits and stuff like that. I know, in the "fashion blogging" thing, saying "Abercrombie is cool" is like a crime. Everyone just has to post things from Urban Outfitters for cheaper stuff. Guess what? I think it actually has cute stuff, AND I like Urban Outfitters, too! Beat That!, No just kidding! This would be an outfit I would wear:

I definetely like the cozy feel of this sweater and the color that's in between khaki and grey is really cute, too. The velvet lining at the hood and buttons actually makes it look luxurious, and for Christmas, it's perfect. The sweater looks really warm, and if you buy it in a larger size, wear it with layers underneath if you live in cold weather. If not, wear it with like a long-sleeved tee or tank top. It's the Beth sweater for $89.50
These skinny curdoroy pants look really cute with practically any neutral sweater you want to pair them with; cream, tan, grey, NOT black! (especially the one above) I love that they're skinny, but not horribly skinny that not every girl can wear them. I have this scarf belt from Express that has hints of gold that would look perfect with this. They're from Abercrombie for about $40 (from the kids section- A&F didn't have skinny curdoroys, these pants are just so you can see the "look".
* Wear this look with really cute flats to walk around the party comfortably and your choice of accessories. Be careful not to look matchy-matchy!!!

Another look for business parties or more formal Christmas events could be dressier trouser pants and a silky top. You could even try a little cocktail dress with a skrunken jacket if you want to look more hip:

This Urban Outfitters Lux Batik baby doll top has a great print that doesn't look tacky or "festive" but looks super cool and hip, especially when worn with these trousers and some sexy heels. It's like office hip-hippie- don't laugh- I'm not the best name maker, okay? It's $58.
These Alice+Olivia trousers actually make pleats work. I can't believe it! Ever since I tried those horrendous pleated high-waisted navy blue school pants at the uniform store in 6th grade (I seriously looked like a butchy police officer), pleats and me just don't mix! They're definetely an investment that you'll wear forever at $275.

This is officially my "splurge" look! (Do I sound all Atoosa from Seventeen?) But before I say anything, doesn't the blond model look exactly like Cameron Diaz? Seriously! Anyway, I can't afford this look, and you probably can't either so just look at the "look" and try to copy it from other affordable stores. The jacket is shrunken, which is the new look of the season, (the brand id called Development) and the silkiness makes it look really expensive. Guess what? It is really expensive at about $500.
This dress shows the new look of the year that just everyone has worn..animal prints! These animal prints on the dress are subtler, and they're zebra! I love the feel of a femine flowy dress with a more grungy but still luxe jacket. You can wear this dress with anything, too, which is great. The dress is $425, yeah, I know!
Well, I Hope You Loved It!
Luv Ya,

Saturday, December 16, 2006

"L" is for the Way You Look at Me...(And Loser too, if You Want to Get Specific...)

Hi! Well, the holiday season is obviously here, so what better way to celebrate it with a little
treat for yourself? Rest assured, though, I have the perfect little ahem, "stocking stuffer" (whatever happened to the good ol' candy canes?) for every girl who is going to read this post! Juicy Couture really did it right this time, with this adorable charm bracelet! It's the Limited Edition (yes, limited edition- and for real- I learned my lesson when I thought that was just a marketing strategy in McDonalds when they had this yummy wrap- with real chicken-and they actually took it away! I don't know when I was sadder: when the Pitt's were in the pits, or that little epidemic!) Winter Charm Bracelet. Every little cute charm just makes you want to string out the popcorn and garland and just hang it all around your "Christmas area". I also adore the lobster clasp, so I can close it anywhere I want on the bracelet (I have the smallest wrist ever...people actually say I should go one the Guiness World Book of Records for pete's sake!) Okay, NO, don't get me wrong; that was a joke- my wrist is NOT freakishly small- it's just tinier than other wrists! How glamorous, "blog writer who goes by the name of Geisha, with freakishly and disgustingly small wrists!" sarchasm! Anyways, I just wanted to say I adore this bracelet...I am sooo asking for it for Christmas!!!!

Well, Asta La Vista Baby (okay NO scratch that)
Hope You Loved It!
Luv Ya,

Monday, December 11, 2006

Christmas List Anyone?

Okay it is that time of year again! Who doesn't love Christmas (or Hannukah, Kwanzaa, etc.)? Everybody is cheerful, the decorations, the ahem-PRESENTS! But you can't get presents without a Christmas List, right? In my Christmas lists, I always want staples I just know I'm going to use again and again and again. Such as really cute pj's, a watch, etc. Here are some things I would just adore!!:
Am I getting annoying with this watch? At least I finally decided...this is the one! (Do I sound like I'm talking about a guy on a TV show? "He's the one" is just sort of stupid) The Harajuku Lovers one is uber-cute, but still, it wouldn't look good with everything- and I need a neutral watch! This is definetely on the top of my list!!! $150, by the way.
Aren't these MICHAEL by Michael Kors "Saratoga" ballet flats just adorable? I would just wear them with everything- like maybe a gray cozy long wool cardigan and dark skinny jeans with a cute belt to tie the look I really want them! They're $108.95 which actually is pretty good considering how much I'd wear them.

I just love the smell of gingerbread, so this Philosiphy 'the gingerbread man' suitcase is just what I need! The set comes complete with a shower gel and bubble bath, a shimmer body "souffle" or whatever (I prefer to say lotion), and a delicious gingerbread-scented glossy lip shine! It costs $38.

These Abercrombie pajama bottoms are just so Christmas-y and cute...they look perfect for those early morning pictures of you opening your presents-even if your hair does look frizzy and your skin is dried up because of the chilly winter air. Plus, they look really comfy and matchable with tanks and t-shirts. They're from the kid's one (I'm short, so they fit me better) and $29.50.

Who doesn't want an Apple Mac-book for Christmas? I would love the white sleek one for $1099, it just looks so clean and new...I love it!!! Also, now PC's look boring in the commercials, I'm seriously getting so sick of those Dell commercials and the "Pentium dual processors" they mention 5,000 times in the commercials...what are those, anyway?
Hope You Loved It!
Luv Ya,