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Monday, October 30, 2006

Slip on the Sneaks' and Lets Get Rollin'!!!

Okay, first of all, sorry for my lack of postage...I have had a bunch of homework (uughh...SCIENCE!), party planning, and a bunch of other things that I won't go into right now. But: finally I'm back, and better then ever (hahaha- yeah I laugh at my own jokes) with a post of drum roll please- slip on sneakers! They are going to be the new Uggs I swear...I've seen them everywhere...and now is your chance to pick some up before they are all over the racks of Sears and L2D (otherwise known as Limited Too) and just everyone is wearing them! They just seem so cool in like a surfer way with light washed ripped super-flared jeans and layered cap-sleeves and tank tops. Top it off with one of those butchy surfer hats if you want to go all Roxy on everyone, too. Okay here are some of my picks from the stores:
I adore these Rebels Patti slip-ons for their cuteness and their versatility. So much that I bought a pair myself the other day in black! And I swear I've gotten like 6 compliments on them so far...and from fashionable people- not chongas! The shoes also show another upcoming trend: stars! Stars are all over the place, which is good, because I stars!They are $59.95 even though I got them on sale for about $15!

Even though I don't have these, they are just too cute! Don't get me wrong with what I said, I think Roxy is adorable...especially these Roxy silver flats my grandma bought, em'! They are the Pepperdine shoes for $34. I also love them with the sherpa lining for some reason too (the new Uggs...) for $45:

I am seriously hearting the new look of Keds! Everything seems so cute and original in a way, which is kind of true because each destroyed sneaker is destroyed differently. I love how the two colors look together- plus they look so comfy! They are the Champion Lug Slip On Destroyed sneakers for $45.95.

P.S.- If you want to be truly, truly, truly original; go for some white plain canvas slip on Keds and stop at your local Michaels or Joann Fabrics, or even Wal-Mart. Buy sequins, glitter, patches, everything you think is cute and embelish your sneakers! If you do them cute, everyone will ask you where you got them and you can simply say "I decorated them" or for a more coy look, "I got them at a special store" or even the ever trustworthy "Oh, I don't remember-just at some store there".

Hope You Loved It!!!

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Happy 50th Anniversary!!!

This post commemorates my 50th! Woo-hoo! I've decided to make this post a double-on account of the occasion. The first part is going to be about a girl in need of the perfect petite bat-mitzvah event dress-no cleavage and no hassle (when dancing). The second part is going to be about re-creating a gaw-geous celebrity look (it's a surprise...don't scroll down and be a cheater!). They tie together beautifully because helping and re-creating are my favorite things to do on posts!! I hope you this post as if it were marking 50 of em'! (Wait it is...!)

I love those dresses, and I'm attending a bat mitzvah soon, and I'm in desperate need of a dress. I'm rather petite and want something rather conservative (no plunging necklines or v-necks) on top, but the bottoms can't be too long (seriously, who wants to go around holding your dress off the floor?, and I like colors. Can you help? :)...
...Oh, by the way Geisha, forgot to say...I'm on a budget...the dress can't be more than $150, but I'd really like if it was under $100. Thanks if you can answer my bat-mitzvah plea.

- Azur

Okay, I have found the most perfectly petite colorful, non cleavage-enhancing, easy-to-dance in dresses that hopefully- you will adore! Plus, they are all under $150...and none of em' are BCBG!
(One of them is even way under $100!)

All 6 (!) dresses can be found at Nordstroms nationwide!

I adore these two a-line dresses for their vintage Grease appeal and for the fact that they can be varied in so many ways! Wear with a white patent leather headband and matching peep-toes (vintage-y) or go for metallic accessories for something really's really up to you! The first red one is the Bari Jay Strapless Organza Dress for $148 and the second chocolate colored uber-cute polka-dot one is by Eliza J and is the Mesh Dot Halter Dress for a cool $118.

They may look the same...but trust me their not! The gaw-geous aqua one is two-toned and has a slightly different ruching (wrinkly stuff) -approach than the canary yellow one. These two are personally some of my faves, especially the aqua or azure (!) one! They are both by Maggy London and $148.

I paired these two dresses together becuase they just look sort of Grecian which is a big upcoming trend for this season (again). Both are free-flowing and natural, and tend to look better with curves. This is why I picked these two out because they look awesome with or without curves, petite or not. The coral orange one is Maggy London for $148 and the hunter green is by Necessary Objects for $58...yes I know it looks so much more expensive!

Part 2: The Celebrity Look!

And the winner is...Christina Aguilera!!! I picked Christina because never in a million years would I have re-created a look of hers in her X-Tina "Dirrty" days. Now she is so glamorous as if she was a modern Marylin Monroe (NOT Manson!). This is my favorite look of hers (she is in London):

The Look: Mike and Cris leather hoodie, Azzedine Alaia sweater, Hysteric Glamour jeans, Dior bag and Lanvin heels.

Re-Created Look: Old Navy Perfect Fit Tee $10.50 (can be cheap- cotton white tees will always look the same, wether $100 designer or $10 not.), (Nordstrom) JJ Basics Three Quarter Sleeve Cardigan for $32, (Bluefly) Miss Sixty Akbami Jacket $107 (if you can't buy expensive jackets, opt for going to discount places [cheap jackets look cheap]), Alloy Crest Jeans Western Flares $32.50 to $35.50 (same wash, pockets, and shape as the "look"!), Alloy Snow Angel Scarf $32.50 (keeps the look youthful with ribbing and circles on it), Alloy Festive Clutch $24.50- the look just screams part? It doesn't cost designer!, Wet Seal Peep Toe Heels $24.50 (cheap and adorable...Love It!!!...notice how the color of the jacket, spots on heels, and bag all match- that pulls the outfit together), and Alloy Tiered Heart Necklace for $16.50.

Next Up? Swipe on some Revlon Red lipstick and clip on a laquered red barrette on your shiny new platinum 'do- and paint the town red!!!

I Hope You Adored It-50 Posts Worth!!!

Luv Ya, BYE!!!

Thursday, October 05, 2006

"Everybody Shantung Tonight" Now That Song is Stuck in My Head....

Have you ever been invited to an elegant wedding or something, and have had to go all the way to Nordstrom's or whatever and buy a gorgeous dress (boo-hoo for you! *sarchasm*) to find the dress sitting in the back of your closet, gathering moth holes and dust mites, never been worn again after the event? Well it happens to tons of people but not anymore! First of all, keep the cut of the dress classic and flattering- for example, imagine you lived in the 80's (that would be so cool!) and wore a Golden-Girls esque dress with showgirl sequins and big boxy shoulder would probably die of embarassment looking back at that picture right? Exactly! Next, preferably keep the color neutral so people won't notice that much if you wear it again, like nobody is going to say "look at whatsername wearing that same black dress", they'll say, "look at whatsername wearing that same aqua sequined minidress with the ruffly bottom"! If you really cannot resist, at least make the color flatter you- a good idea is to get a stylish celebrity that has your same basic features (eye color, hair color, skin tone, etc.) and see a color that she looks good in or wears a lot...chances are you'll look good in that color too! For example, if you are a blue-eyed blonde, going for Gwenyth Paltrow's color choices would definetely work. Lastly and most importantly, remember to check the guest list before going to a party so nobody will see you wear the same dress twice...if you are a celebrity- this post does NOT apply to you!! (if you must wear a dress twice or more in front of the same people, try to accessorize it differently, like a cinched belt at the waist or something).

Here are some more muted color choices I picked out from Shop Bop and Nordstrom's:

These longer v-necks flatter and slim the body in silk/satin. I love how the first won just skims over the body looking so sultry but modest at the same time- same goes for the second one that flatters the body so much its unbelievable! Top:Graham & Spencer Silk Charmeuse Dress, $306 (pricey but worth it) Bottom: Dave Meister Stretch Satin Dress, $368 (same goes for this one).

These two stunning but simple dresses always look cute wether at a religious or sad event (with tights and modest shoes) or at a wedding or fancier party. The top one is the Generra Pleated Dress for $295 and the bottom one is the Delias Leah Dress for an unbeatable price of $44.50- it might even be prettier than the Generra one!

Lastly, I am really loving strapless lately, especially with a-line bottoms that create curves modestly. Never wear these dresses with tights, that would just look so wrong! The top one is from Velvet Torch and is the Shantung ("everybody shantung tonight"...isn't that a song from the 80's or something?) Tube Dress for a great $62. while the bottom one is the Love from Ya-Ya dress in ruby for $185.

Hope You Loved it!
Luv Ya.