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Monday, April 30, 2007

Perfect Prom Dresses That Remind Me of Cake (An Absolute Must!)

Okay, I know I should have done a Prom post already but I was looking for the perfect dresses okay? Not really, but it is a great excuse, isn't it? The truth is, I was just really lazy (I'm actually yawning profoundly right at this moment). Prom is one of the best moments of your school years- NOT your life though, people that say that are just too tacky!- so why not enjoy it and look fabulous? Regarding the title, I really just love confection-like dresses as you might know if you read a post I did about desserts, and dresses that remind me of each one. I have never been one to really like supremely stiff, "elegant" dresses- they just aren't me. I ruffles, ruching, polka dots, bows, you name it...but just not together, please! Don't get me wrong, you can give me a slinky Giorgia Armani silk number any day, and I will wear it (and feel like a million smackeroonies, by the way). And I don't dress like a Southern belle or debutante! I'm just well, very, very, girly and love adorable clothes and of course, Betsey Johnson. Anyways, here are just a bunch of Prom dresses that at least, I, would wear- from Betsey Johnson. Hope You Absolutely It!:

Adorable Betsey Johnson Prom Dresses!

Let us start off with the "acquired taste" Evening Sweet Dreams Strapless Dress. Some people will say "OMG! That dress is beyond ew...and believe me, I know fashion- I read Teen Vogue!" Now, of course, it is completely okay if you don't like this dress- not everybody is born with fasion sense. No, I'm just kidding about that one, I really am not in the mood to start a comment fight! Anyways, after a couple of sentences of writing with no meaning, I have come to the conclusion that this dress is adorable- down to the huge pink bow. It is Betsey Johnson (duh) and costs $400.

How cute, right? This dress is a dress I totally see myself wearing to Prom because, sorry, but long dresses are just definetely not my thing; at least at the moment! This dress has a really sweet bubble hem, and I know some of you evil lurking commenters will completely jab at me for posting a "so out" or "so Delia's" bubble hem dress but I just love 'em. Finally, the huge bow is probably my favorite part of dress (besides the peachy-pink color) and I usually hate sphagetti straps-but I love them here. It is Betsey Johnson (double-duh) and costs $315.

Haven't you noticed that all the dresses I've posted have adorable bows? I swear, I didn't do it on purpose...I just have an attraction to all things girly and cute! What? That is not my fault!!! The sweetness and innocence of this Evening Martini Dress by Betsey Johnson (for $315) is obvious- It will go great with all the new wispy-banged hairstyles that are so IN now, too! Do you know another thing all of the dresses I've posted will look great with? Here it is:

Love 'em, right? The great thing about this Betsey Johnson Long Pearl Necklace is the silk bow in the back to tie the necklace on...fabulous with any updo and strapless dress! It would be awesome to don a cute, conservative outfit that said all business (and was strapless) and then when you would turn around to have a huge, deliciously pink bow in the back! Who knew the mullet ("business in the front, a party in the back") and Betsey Johnson had so much in common? The pearl necklace costs $110.

Okay, is this dress cute or eww? I've gone over it with myself and I still can't decide!! Just the fact that it is called the Avril Lavigne dress makes it much, much worse. Anyways, comment to say your opinion!

Go B-E-T-S-E-Y!
Luv Ya,

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

M.A.C. Barbie Line: I Mean, Who Really Doesn't Want to Feel Like a Barbie For a Day?

Okay, I am just loving the new MAC (waaayyy too lazy to put a period after each letter) Barbie cosmetics line. I mean what a fun, unique idea for a highly respectable, super-cool makeup line to come out and do something like that? I don't know if in other places this happens, but when I go to my local MAC counter, there is usually a really punk girl with gorgeously made up eyes in electric blue with piercings all over her. Or a really made-up but natural looking guy. Anyways, I just expected the other lines MAC came out with way more, such as the Viva Glam line for fighting HIV/AIDS and that collection they have/had that was sort of mermaid-like. I really enjoy going through all the colors (the compacts and all makeup containers are, in the words of The Clique, "ah-dorable!) and seeing just how cute everything is. Well, here are my favorites of this makeup collection...I am quite obsessed with makeup aren't I?:

Barbie Loves M.A.C. Cosmetics Line:

As the #1 essential of the Barbie Loves MAC collection, the lipstick is long-lasting (It has Barbie cuteness, with MAC reliability) as well as adorable, and wouldn't you just love to just take out your Barbie Loves MAC cosmetics bag ($15, but sadly sold out on the internet as well as about 99% of the line-including this lipstick that costs $14) and look so glamorous taking out the much coveted (now that it's sold out!) lipstick and applying it? Then again, you should never apply lipstick in public, I read so in The Princess Diaries Volume 1! My favorite shade is definetely "Rocking Chick" which is described as a "frosted fuschia with blue pearl" (I can't put it as a picture here).

Ever since I saw a spread on bubble-gum pink to fuschia nails in In Touch or US Weekly (they are basically the same to me) I've been obsessed! I'm actually going to get a manicure tomorrow (yay) and I'm really thinking about requesting an in-between color. Anyways, even though I'm not sure if this color would look good on my skin tone (in other words make my fingers look stubby-I won't admit it!) I've seen it on other people and it is flattering! It costs $10 and (ssshhhh!) it isn't sold out! HURRY!

The MAC Barbie GlimmerShimmer is basically one of my favorite items of the line (besides the lipstick, of course...and the nail polish...okay, so maybe it isn't my favorite!) and looks so glamorous! Sometimes, or should I say usually, those "refining highlighters" don't work for me, and it ends up looking well, fake. Does it give me awesome alien-model esque cheekbones? No! Does it give me an instant face lift? Not that I really need one, but No! The GlimmerShimmer didn't give me either, but it did look very pearly against my skin and was really cute! I love the "Loves Pink" shade that is pictured, for $16.50. Guess what, anyways? Sold out, and I just noticed! You can always try Ebay, though.

Hope You Loved It!
Here is to Not Letting M.A.C. Do a Bratz Line!!!

Saturday, April 21, 2007

I'm Back!!!! Yes, Yours Truly!

Hi!!! Yes, I'm back and sorry for my random month hiatus with not even a single, insignificant warning but I just really needed time to get out of my writer's block (or blogger's block *tuh-maito, tuh-mato*) and I know it sounds really cheesy, but "regroup". I am just loving a bunch of new trends up for Fall including makeup accessories, and of course-clothes! Oh, and I am really, really in with Forever 21. And this 80's disco song that goes like "spin me like a record, goes round and round..." that I can't even start to recall the title of because I have so much on my mind to post! I seriously feel like all blogger's feel on their first days of posting-just giddy. Anyways, if anyone knows remotely what song I am talking about please comment and tell me what it is so I can download it into my Ipod. Enough said. Okay here starts my first ever makeup post of the year:

The (As In "Dee" NOT "Duh") Best Fall Makeup Look

After going through what seemed like a trillion makeup photos for the Fall 2007 collections, one struck me in particular. Michael Kors? Too predictable. Proenza Schouler? Too Warhol. Anna Sui? Too Pre-Pop Warhol (whatever that means)! But then, in all of its complete glowy-ness comes Oscar de la Renta with just the best makeup look for any season, done by Pat McGrath. Of course, just to mention that Carolina Herrera's Fall 2007 makeup by Diane Kendal was a close 2nd. Now here is how to recreate it!

This Urban Decay (NOT Outfitters, gosh I always get confused!) Heavy Metal Glitter Liner in

"Baked" is just the perfect yellowish-gold to line the inner corners of your eyes. $18

This 24/7 Glide On Eye Pencil, also by Urban Decay in "Gumetal" is great to line both your upper and lower lids. Remeber: Get a Q-tip to smudge the lines and the gold and grey! $15
This eye shadow- yet again by Urban Decay, in "strip" (...of bacon, of course) has just enough silvery undertones to work. Use it in a concentrated form on the creases of your lids, and go lighter from there. $16
*Use about 3 coats of mascara (your choice, but I just love Benefit Cosmetics Badgal Lash Mascara $19) and concealer (also your choice) for your bags (no foundation or powder on the rest of your face, please!) and your eyes are done!

Nars Lip Lacquer in Chelsea Girls (one of the most sought after of the various shades) will definitely shine, without being too JLO! I personally love it, even though it is a pricey $23.

Hope You It!
A New Post Is Definetely Coming Soon!