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Sunday, July 30, 2006

Fall Coats:101

This post is going to be about all of these different Fall coats/Tunics and the boots to wear them with as well as accessories to pair in. Here are some rules to follow when shopping for this perfect Fall look: Make the coat the focal point of the outfit- with military buttons, embroidery, or unique fabrics while keeping the boots perfectly 80's and up to the ankle but simple. Also make sure to finish the look with skinny pants or jeans, or leggings. Anyway, Here are my favorites:

The Classic

I adore this Marc by Marc Jacobs Wool Coat! The expensive price of $584 is worth it because of the ultra-flattering cut, perfect length, and neutral color while still being a bit unique. It will become a staple in your wardrobe. Pair it with grey Danskin Ankle Leggings ($23.00) to give the look dimension (not all black), the gorgeous boots pictured below that are the Michael by Michael Kors Winter Warrior Bootie for $188.85, and maybe even a a headband that is also shown below- it's the Chick by Nicky Hilton Headband for $5.50 at Claire's. Top the look off with the Dior Cannage Large Shopper for $1370 that just pulls everything together.

The Simplistic

I am in L-O-V-E with this Twelfth Street by Cynthia Vincent Tunic because of the chic-ness while still being super comfortable, and it's so wearable! I know, black again, But it really is the IT color for Fall, and you can really mix it up however you want with this color without looking crazy. You could pair it with a fitted turtle-neck in black as shown, but you might end up looking a bit boring. If you want to mix it up a bit more, instead opt for a fitted turtleneck dress in an eggplant color (another super IT color for Fall) like the one shown above from American Apparel that costs $36.00. Definetely wear the look with dark wash skinny jeans (you decide which brand works best for you) tucked into these Urban Outfitters Leather Foldover Boots for $125.
Pull the look together with this Isabella Fiore Printed Hobo for $575 and this Lori Bonn Cocktail Ring for $88.90.

Weekend Wear-er

Even though most people would say this JLO Wool Coat is NOT in any way a neutral, it actually is because you can pair it with almost anything. This trench is perfect for weekends because of the casual hood and fitted form. You could pair it with some black Danskin ankle leggings for $23.00 and some camel coloured accessories. You could add these Michael by Michael Kors Winter Warrior Booties for $188.85 (yes, I showed them in black already, bu they look really cute in this color with the outfit). To top it all of throw in this Isabella Fiore Glitter Crocheted Hobo for $460 that coordinates great with the whole look, and great oversized sunglasses like these from Tom Ford that cost $300.

Hope You Loved It!!!
Luv Ya,

Friday, July 21, 2006

Cartier LOVE Charity Bracelets

I am in love with the Cartier Charity LOVE bracelets! Each bracelet has a different silk cord on it that stands for the different 8 charities (each charity has a different celebrity as its rep.). Red is Rosario Dawson for Youth Aids, White is Salma Hayek for the Salma Hayek Foundation, Baby Pink is Scarlett Johansson for USA Harvest, Blue is Sarah Jessica Parker for UNICEF, Deep Pink is Liv Tyler for The Breast Cancer Research Foundation, Green is Edward Norton for Maasai Conservation Trust, Black is Michael Stipe for the Mercy Corps/ Gulf Coast Recovery and finally, Deep Purple is Spike Lee for The Maurice Kambar Institute of Film and Telivision and The Tisch School of the Arts. Even though I think all of the organizations are wonderful; and very, very useful; I am sort of dissapointed that they didn't include a bracelet for Autism Speaks. Autism Speaks would very much benefit from having a bracelet because $100 of the $475 price tag goes to the special foundation, and I guess many people would buy it, on account of that so many people now-a-days have Autism or have a family member with it. I have even sent an e-mail to Cartier asking if they could think about doing a bracelet to fund Autism Speaks! But anyway, the bracelets are adorable, and you will indulge in guilty-less shopping! What more can a girl ask for?

Luv Ya,

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Fall 2006 Trends: 101 (Plus Some Other Things)

I am sooo excited for the Fashion Rocks Event (Sep. 8, 9PM; CBS)!! For those who don't know, it's this event that collides Fashion and Music in one, and a lot of performers will be singing there like the Black Eyed Peas and Christina Aguilera, plus there will be loads of fashion related things. Also, Elton John curated it so maybe (If we're lucky!!) he'll tell off Madonna and it'll set off this huge scandal through the airwaves...Can't Wait!!!!
I L-O-V-E the new Marc by Marc Jacobs watches! They are all super fun with bulky cuffs, patent leather, and cute little necklace charm timepieces (apples, stars, etc.); all with a futuristic feel to them. Here are some really cute ones:

Clockwise from Upper Left: Apple Necklace, $125; Pink Grosgrain, $200;Star Bracelet, $200; White Patent, $200.

Didn't you just love the Fall runways? The clothes were just so versatile for work or school, but then you could easily pull off the same outfit for a dinner or cocktail party. Here are some trends that really stood out:

The Wide-Leg Pant

The wide legged pant was a runway (back and on-stage) favorite, but everyone definetely kept the length long (almost baggy), never gaucho-style short! Here are my favorites:

In Louis Vuitton (top)they kept it very fall with velvet, but gave the look a contrast with a bright summery color. Stella McCartney (bottom) also kept it very fall looking with tonal head-to-toe navy.

Lanvin (top) kept the look very refined and classic, while Louis Vuitton (bottom) opted for a trendier, monochromatic tweed look that screamed Fall.

The Skinny Jean

The skinny jean ruled the Fall Runways denim! Fact: There was only one women's wide legged jean on the 2006 Fall Runway, the Marc by Marc Jacobs Suspeder Pants.

I am really noticing another Fall trend: pairing denim with navy pieces like sweaters, shirts or bags (in different shades of navy) and then closed shoes like Luella (top) and Stella McCartney (bottom) did. It looks pretty cute!

These outfits by Desquared2 (top) and Roberto Cavalli (bottom) also caught my eye.


Plaid isn't just for scottish skirt-wearing men anymore, people, now it's tres chic! Here were my definite favorites on the runways:

Plaid jumpers were definetely a trend in the Fall runways, the finishing product looked so sweet and demure! Luella (top) and Michael Kors (bottom) were right on track with the trend.

Plaid, voluminous skirts are yet another trend that was spotted in the runways, making the look "effortless school-girl chic"! I loved How Luella (top) and Alexander McQueen (bottom) designed the look.

Black Patent Leather

Patent leather is an up-and-coming trend right now for Fall; it really is so glamourous with the black giving it a vixen sense to it! Here are some patent accessories I'm really loving:

Clockwise from Upper Left: Bruno Frisoni Patent Platform Sandals, $585; Fendi B. Fendi Patent Leather Large Satchel, $2000; Marc Jacobs Collection Platform Ankle Boot, $895.

Hope You Loved it!!!

Luv Ya, BYE!!!

Friday, July 14, 2006

Love, Angel, Music, Baby Hurry Up and Come and Save Me...

The title pretty much hinted I am in LOVE with Gwen Stefani's both lines: Harajuku Lovers, and L.A.M.B. of course. You either hate or love Gwen Stefani's style and lines and I personally love 'em. Both lines are so creative and girly-ish but have that punky and rocker flair, sooo-Gwen! The difference between them is that H.L. is way more Tokyo with cute/borderline crazy clothes screened with cartoons while L.A.M.B. is more like American Sportswear with an edge. L.A.M.B. is more expensive, too. Here are my picks from her both lines:


This Bananas Zip Hoodie is adorable in that Harajuku way, it really is cute. It can also be a staple in your wardrobe with jeans to mini's, with tanks and tees; great for layering... Anyway, the hoodie is $92 which isn't that bad if you use it a lot.

This is the Banana Cuff Bracelet that is a great accessorie for playing with your wardrobe and you can even buy in bulk (you know, for those last minute birthday parties) with the great price of $10.

This "Fatal Attraction to Cuteness" Long Sleeved Tee is just a great screened and fitted t-shirt that is also sure to be a staple in your wardrobe. It's $57, by the way.

I just HAD to put these Banana Patches Assortment in here, now they are adorable! Wouldn't it be so cute to put the bunny on like a black bookbag? The assortment comes with a bunny (duh), cupcake, banana, clock, and Harajuku logo; they're $15.

P.S.-Isn't the background amazing on the clothing pictures? I love it!!!


This Ruffle Henley is the same amount of sweet and sexy that you could layer it under a suit for work (if you work in that office-like environment) and wear heels, or pair it with jeans for weekends. The price is $77.50, which could be too much for a normal cotton henley if you won't wear it much.

This Modal Gown is so gorgeous and unique with just the right touches of old Hollywood Glamour!!! I love how it also adds a rocker-chic vibe to the mix making it oh so very-Gwen, It is $262.50.

This Double Lock Crew Tee is a great staple in your wardrobe and acts as a neutral because of the white (obvious) and because it has both silver and gold hardware so you can wear really any jewelry you want (silver, gold or both!) It's also a really good price at $32.50.

I really love the vintage and old-glamour feel of these ruffle shorts, I would definetely wear them, which is a lot to say considering this type of clothing item isn't exactly my style. It obviously is not a "neutral" but it could really work with maybe a sage green (SIMPLE!) basic top because of the stem design. The shorts are $82.50.

These are definetely my favorite shoes from the L.A.M.B. collection because they are both a combination of hip-hop and rocker sneakers (think Vans+K-Swiss). I love the gold, silver, and black chains on the "Katella Tex" sneakers for $100 in natural/gold becuase they are just plain cute! And I love the "Baby" Sneakers for $129 in black because they are luxurious but "street-ish" at the same time.

Hope You Loved It!!!!
Luv Ya,

Sunday, July 09, 2006

INS and OUTS:Part ll

This post is going to be about the things I'm really Lovin' and the things that I'm NOT! There isn't much to explain, so here it is:


L.A.M.B and HARAJUKU LOVERS lines by Gwen Stefani:

Oscar de la Renta (every line, every season!)

Carolina Herrera's Fall 2006 Collection Fur Coat:

Chanel As-High-As-You-Can-Go Thigh-High "Pant-Like" Boots (Remember Anne Hathaway wearing them in "The Devil Wears Prada")

The NEW Louis Vuitton Damier Canvas Speedy 25 (Just Came Out!!!) LOVE it!!!

Milly Summer Printed Dresses:

SUPERMAN Merchandise


All of those Primp printed things: thermals, sweats, tees, jackets, and shorts: bunnies, horses, flowers, cheetah, and more! They're just...NO!

Livs boots that lasted in the "IN" spot for about 2 seconds...

Team tees like Paris/Nicole or Aniston/Jolie, the only ones that are "suitable" are the Jessica/Nick tees!!

Kitten heel pointy-toes, they are really OUT! Sky-high pointy-toes are definetely the way to go!

Baby shoes that look well, "babyish"!! Gwen Stefani's LAMB baby sneakers are where it's at!!

Lastly, instead of a tacky Hello Kitty Pave diamond necklace, opt for a simple pearl strand.

Hope You Loved it!!

Luv Ya,