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Friday, July 14, 2006

Love, Angel, Music, Baby Hurry Up and Come and Save Me...

The title pretty much hinted I am in LOVE with Gwen Stefani's both lines: Harajuku Lovers, and L.A.M.B. of course. You either hate or love Gwen Stefani's style and lines and I personally love 'em. Both lines are so creative and girly-ish but have that punky and rocker flair, sooo-Gwen! The difference between them is that H.L. is way more Tokyo with cute/borderline crazy clothes screened with cartoons while L.A.M.B. is more like American Sportswear with an edge. L.A.M.B. is more expensive, too. Here are my picks from her both lines:


This Bananas Zip Hoodie is adorable in that Harajuku way, it really is cute. It can also be a staple in your wardrobe with jeans to mini's, with tanks and tees; great for layering... Anyway, the hoodie is $92 which isn't that bad if you use it a lot.

This is the Banana Cuff Bracelet that is a great accessorie for playing with your wardrobe and you can even buy in bulk (you know, for those last minute birthday parties) with the great price of $10.

This "Fatal Attraction to Cuteness" Long Sleeved Tee is just a great screened and fitted t-shirt that is also sure to be a staple in your wardrobe. It's $57, by the way.

I just HAD to put these Banana Patches Assortment in here, now they are adorable! Wouldn't it be so cute to put the bunny on like a black bookbag? The assortment comes with a bunny (duh), cupcake, banana, clock, and Harajuku logo; they're $15.

P.S.-Isn't the background amazing on the clothing pictures? I love it!!!


This Ruffle Henley is the same amount of sweet and sexy that you could layer it under a suit for work (if you work in that office-like environment) and wear heels, or pair it with jeans for weekends. The price is $77.50, which could be too much for a normal cotton henley if you won't wear it much.

This Modal Gown is so gorgeous and unique with just the right touches of old Hollywood Glamour!!! I love how it also adds a rocker-chic vibe to the mix making it oh so very-Gwen, It is $262.50.

This Double Lock Crew Tee is a great staple in your wardrobe and acts as a neutral because of the white (obvious) and because it has both silver and gold hardware so you can wear really any jewelry you want (silver, gold or both!) It's also a really good price at $32.50.

I really love the vintage and old-glamour feel of these ruffle shorts, I would definetely wear them, which is a lot to say considering this type of clothing item isn't exactly my style. It obviously is not a "neutral" but it could really work with maybe a sage green (SIMPLE!) basic top because of the stem design. The shorts are $82.50.

These are definetely my favorite shoes from the L.A.M.B. collection because they are both a combination of hip-hop and rocker sneakers (think Vans+K-Swiss). I love the gold, silver, and black chains on the "Katella Tex" sneakers for $100 in natural/gold becuase they are just plain cute! And I love the "Baby" Sneakers for $129 in black because they are luxurious but "street-ish" at the same time.

Hope You Loved It!!!!
Luv Ya,


Blogger the muse said...

I <3 L.A.M.B. and Harajuku Lovers!

3:53 PM  
Blogger missc said...

l.a.m.b. is punkrock feminine from what i see and harajuku lovers is just funky.
ive linked you by the way..

8:18 PM  
Blogger Alison said...

gwen stefani is the coolest person ever and i love both of her fashion lines :)
your blog is way cool <3333

8:48 PM  
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