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Thursday, June 08, 2006

2006 CFDA Awards Designer/Celebrity Couples

The CFDA awards are like as Vera Wang puts it: "The Oscars for fashion designers, the best award you can get" but the celebrity/fashion designer combos were what kept everybody on their tippy-toes! Here it is:

My favorite duo of all time was most definetely Zac Posen and Shalom Harlow, they just exude this elegance and glamour! The dress he made for her was gorgeous, and she paired just the right accessories which I believe really makes or breaks an outfit. Really, it could not get ANY better!

I loved how Francisco Costa for Calvin Klein dressed Scarlett Johansson, the cut fit her perfectly, and it looked sexy/demure (her specialty in her look) with the peep-toe heels. He won the Womens Wear CFDA award, now I can see why. By the way, love her new red hair!

Could be the wierdest couple, maybe the coolest, but one thing is for sure: they were one of the most fashionable! I love how Lindsay ditched her "a bit tooooo young phase" and opted for a more classic look that called to Julia Robert's Oscars dress (remember?) geometric and black-white. And Karl Lagerfield, really looked awesome with the full on ruffle, only he could pull that off! Anyway, great pair!

Heidi Klum just looks gorgeous in this gown designed by Gilles Mendel, who she is with. The dress really is an aquired taste- either you hate it (you think it's a mushroom) or love it (you think it's a gown a goddess would wear)- and I don't love it or hate it: I ADORE it!!! Also she pulled it off with a smile and confidence, which completes all outfits (oh, and great hair and accessories, too!!!).

Anna Wintour looks great in this elegant and chic navy gown that had 20- somethings coveting for, hard to believe she is in her 50's!! The dress was by International Award winner Olivier Theyskens (Rochas) whom she is with, who also looked (even with his hobo-ish hair) great and elegant-looking.

Accessory Designer of the Year nominee Michael Kors designed this dress for naturally-gorgeous Jessica Simpson, but for my taste, left too little for the imagination and turned out looking way too revealing! I loved her hair and accessories, though (adored the shoes!).

Hope You Loved it!!!
Luv Ya,


Anonymous Mulan said...

when were the awards? also what channel was it on? didi u see it or just use the internet? watevs cool post!!

3:49 PM  
Anonymous linny said...

heyyyy i was just wondering, since you did a post for that girl for summer birthday presents, could you do one on cheap but fashionable different types if suits?
If you can, thanks SOOOO much!

5:47 PM  
Blogger Dilemma said...

as much as I dislike[borderline loathe] Jessica Simpson- I really like those shoes. anyway, nice post :]

12:53 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I thought the dress Zac Posen designed for whatever her name was (sorry, I'm really too lazy to go back and look) made her look kind of silly, the way it was so loose and then cinched at her legs. Though, I'll admit, she pulled it off very old-school-Hollywood glamourously if you ask me.

JESSICA SIMPSON. oh my god. There's too much to say about her. 1.) The tan. 2.) The, literally, IN YOUR FACE boobs. 3.) The amound of leg beneath her dress, which, if worn properly and without flaunting both 1 & 2, could really look rather sweet. 4.) Every time I see her nowadays she has this wild, crazed look on her face, with the bulging eyes and strained smile.

It's all just rather frightening.

12:36 PM  
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