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Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Millionaire Matchmaker ♥

Does anybody else realize how plastic, contrived, and frustrating this show is???

Have I mentioned that it's the most addictive and possibly my favorite television show on any network at the moment???

Hehehe :D

Saturday, February 09, 2008

Hey :) I Think I'm (Finally) Back!

Ok first I would really like to say I'm sorry for not posting even after I did a post saying I would post. I'm not really sure if that made any sense but whatever I'll just get on with the point. I didn't know what to post about!!! There is so many things I can do...but so little a the same time. I have to do an exciting, fun post- but a post that is also informative. It has to be smart, but cute. A lot of pictures, but a lot of words also. The list goes on and on and on! Then I started thinking(LIGHTBULB MOMENT): don't many designers get inspiration from things they've done before? I could probably do the same :) So I went back to my 3rd post...the one after my introduction and a small dress post, and found it- My Loves and Hates of the time I posted it. The experience of looking back reminded me a lot of looking back at my diary when I was like 9 or 10. I sound very young and overexcited and it's pretty embarrassing- but at the same time it's sort of heartwarming . Just like looking at old pictures :) Okay, I'm off topic. Again. Anyways, that is pretty much what this post is going to be about...all of the things I am simply adoring- and the things that should really, welllll just... I mean, go away :)
The Things I Adore :
- Playing guitar: It makes me happy =D Especially when it's Hello Kitty and kept in an adorable VS Pink case! (Note: I have the case, but sadly my guitar is not Hello Kitty :( its Yamaha, and acoustic.)
<--- Random picture I took of my shoes :) - Ed Hardy: Yes, it can be overrated when Jessica Alba wears it in form of trucker hats, but somethings like the sneakers can be very cute. I own a silver pair with skulls and they are to dieee for :) And yeah, I know that saying that trucker hats are overrated and then inserting the picture above of trucker hats doesn't make much sense. But, hey, I'm complicated! (And indecisive, too)
- Red, or Rouge: Woo-hoo! Finally taking French 101 paid off...I know colors- in French! :) But really though, my favorite color by far has to be big, bold, fire-engine red. On lips (in the form of lipstick of course), jewelry, shoes, pencils, purses, cameras, EVERYTHING! Okay sorry I got a tad carried away there- but still, I really do love red. Even my sunglasses are red, which are pictured above ^. They're Marc by Marc Jacobs, and I think they're still available :)
- Photography: Over the past months, I've really been digging (I love that I sound like a desperately trying to be cool parent when i say "diggging") photography. Taking the pictures is awesome, but what I really can't get enough of is giving them effects, contrasting them, etc. The best place to do that for me, is Picasa...I seriously use it everyday :) An old-school Polaroid is definitely on my "Want" list.
- Teen Vogue A-Z: Every single time Teen Vogue does an issue with an A-Z guide, I end up adoring everything on the whole list. Like, seriously, it made me want to buy a bike, wear anime-inspired eyeliner, and love pajamas even more than I already do (pajamas are my favorite things to buy, wear and of course, sleep in). Their were two highlights though, that were actually back-to-back: L for Lego Accessories, and M for Manic Panic! The Lego accessories from Marc by Marc Jacobs are genius, so much in fact, that I am seriously considering doing a DIY project party with my best fraans' to make the belts. Mine will be yellow, just in case you were wondering :) And about the Manic Panic, well, anything involving rainbow bright hair and Debbie Harry excites me; enough said.
My Hates...Or "Dislikes":
- People who think having a good taste in music means liking bands people have never heard of. Even when the band, well, s-u-c-k-s.
- Leggings
- Octopus
- People who think acting airheaded is cute.
- Jonas Brothers...even though they are very cute and all, but they're just soooo annoying!
- Ray Ban cute, but soooo overrated.
- Booty shorts <---- haha these make me laugh O.o
-'s just too addictive and annoying.
- Gauchos...can you tell I'm running out of things to put yet?
- Anything that gives muffin tops ;)
Hope You Loved My Post :)
Love Ya,

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas!!!!
I hope all of you have a great Christmas...and get all the fabulosity (ok I know, i spend too much time watching Life on the Fab Lane with Kimora Lee Simmons) you asked for!
Love, Ya,

New Year's Resolution

Ok, I know you guys probably think I've fallen off the face of the Earth...but the truth is, I haven't. I've just been a lazy bum since Aug. 21, my last post. The good part is, the new year is about to begin, and my New Year's resolutions are as follows:
  • Blog at least once a week starting Jan. 1, 2008
  • Eat healthier
  • Let things come as they will come...naturally.
  • Be more eco-friendly.
  • Travel more.
  • Be adventurous.
  • Keep being chic.

Yes, I know the last one probably sounded a bit conceited, but I couldn't help it! I love being chic and I never want to stop (: Anyways, Happy Holidays to everybody reading this post...and expect more of me in the year to come!!!


Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Mary-Kate and Ashley's Elizabeth and James Line- Adorable!

Hi! The other day, while I was being a lazy bum and watching E! News on my couch, I saw that they did a feature on Paris Hilton's brand opening in Kitson the other day. Immediately after, I had a major lightbulb moment to save me from Blogger's Block! Yay! I would do it on celeb lines...but who? I mean, I had a pretty huge list to pick from- Sienna Miller, Victoria "Posh Spice" Beckham, Sarah Jessica Parker, and even Amanda Bynes. Paris Hilton gave me the idea to do this post (and I was actually about to do it about her line) until I saw the "collection". Ew. The satin puffy shirts look beyond cheap, and I literally cracked up when I saw a tee with her face on it. So I started thinking of an alternative-hmmm...MK and Ashley! They have come out with two lines: The Row, the more expensive, high end line- and Elizabeth & James- the more affordable line named after their brother and sister. I chose E&J...Here are my favorites of the line- Hope You It!:

Before anything, though: The dress Paris Hilton wore to her collection premiere in Kitson LA. Even though I admit this could tend to go to the rap star/Vegas/tacky/VMA's side, there is another side (which is much better) that is flashy but not trashy- just sort of show-offy, but in a good way. I do have a sort of "evil theory" (LOL) though, that Paris tailored hers so she could look better than everyone else that wears the dress. That, or she pulled it off amazingly, and the model has been doing a lot of what I've been doing over the Summer and not much else (unlike moi)- being a lazy bum. But, whatever. The dress costs $128- oh, did I mention the line was pretty affordable? Oh yeah, I just did :)

Elizabeth and James:

Okay, ah-mazing! It is just so cool and funky (but still glamorous) that it actually makes Paris' collection look like an SNL skit. The White Fur "Glam" Jacket takes center stage, obviously, but the look is made even better with the plum dress underneath. Oh, have a mentioned how much I am adoring the color plum lately? Probably not, as I haven't posted in forever (sorry!) but I hope this post makes up for it :) Anyway, I didn't expect this collection to be SJP for Steve and Barry's cheap, but if this is the "affordable line", than how expensive is "The Row"? The Goat hair jacket is $995, and the dress is $275.

If anybody is thinking of jumping on the chunky knits bandwagon- this is the way to do it. I just love how cozy the sweater looks (I really hope it isn't itchy!) without looking like "loungewear". It looks super versatile, too- but to make it look fashionable and not wierd and 90's (in a bad way, because I know the 90's are coming back) pair it with skinny pants/jeans or leggings. And heels! So cute. The sweater is $365 and has big roomy pockets, too; the leggings are $220.

I just love this dress! If Paris needs any tips on how to design a sequined dress- it's all here. This dress has no Las Vegas/Rap star side- it actually has a vintage-y thrift store side that is just so cool. It may/may not have shoulder pads (I'm not sure), but from the picture, I think it does! Which is great, because it reminds me I seriously have to start taping Golden Girls on Lifetime (or Tivo-ing them) because I'm always missing my fave show EVER. So yeah- oh, and don't you see Chloe Sevigny wearing this dress in the near future? It looks so like her! Anyways, this adorable dress is $495...and wear it with cooler shoes than the model is wearing in the picture, too, please!
Love Ya,
P.S.- The random-ish ending is because I did this post piece-by-piece, and the end is me typing while very sleepy, which is always a hazard :)

Friday, August 10, 2007

I Heart...Paris!

Before anything, I'm really sorry for being completely M.I.A. lately, it was a mix of Blogger's Block (it happens a lot to me), lazyness, and not having time- but I'm back- and with a batch of fresh new ideas, too :) As I am über-excited planning a vacation to Paris for my birthday next year I decided to do a post on the fabulous "City of Lights"! I mean, the chic-ness of it is so overwhelming (in a good way)- the petit fours and macaroons, the gorgeous people and not to mention, the shopping. You can tell I am beyond giddy to go on this trip already so what better way to get even giddier than do a post about it? Here are the best places I've found to shop, sleep and dine in Paris (France not Texas!), Enjoy!
Where to Eat!

One of the most premier bakeries in Paris, Ladurée was even recommended to Juicy Couture website readers by Gela Nash and Pamela Skaist-Levy (the creators of the brand)- specifically, their delicious macaroons! They are famously crisp on the outside and smooth and soft in the middle, and they come in 13 permanent flavors as well as some seasonal and limited editions as well. The company also makes a signature perfume, champagne, many other sweets, and adorable wedding cakes.

Where to Sleep!

The Ritz Paris of course! As one of the most famous (and most elegant) hotels in the world, it exudes "ritzy-ness". The drop-dead gorgeous Prestige Suites that include the Coco Chanel suite (she actually lived there for a portion of her life) and the Chopin suite are famous throughout the world...though I have to admit, my absolute favorite is the Elton John suite, done almost completely in pink! Even though it is quite expensive (the most affordable room is 710 €), I promise it is worth every penny. The room pictured here is the Marcel Proust; doesn't it remind you of The Little Princess?

Where to Shop!

Since shopping is my favorite thing to do in any continent, I decided to write about more than one Parisian shop here. One of my favorites is the beyond-hip Colette were everyone who is anyone has shopped. There, you will find everything from Marc Jacobs Mouse Ballerinas (my favorite item in the store) to Disney Swarovski Cell Phone accessories- and an array of beauty products, too (they currently have the Daisy by Marc Jacobs eau de toilette)! Then there is Dedier Ludot which will be the first shop I will set foot in when I go to Paris- I seriously am dying to go. The hype around this vintage couture store located under the arches of the Palais-Royal gardens is beyond imaginable as starlets such as Kate Moss (fashion icon) and Demi Moore (not really a fashion icon but still) regularly shop there. Think Dior, Balenciaga, Givenchy and Hermes- some of my favorite designers (emphasis on Hermes and Dior). Lastly, to shop the real designer stores (not boutiques or vintage shops), head to the Place Vendôme which has everyone from Mikimoto and Tiffany's, to Chanel and Cartier- and is where the Ritz Paris is located.

Colette: 312 rue St.-Honoré, 75001; métro stop Concorde; (331) 55 35 33 90

Dedier Ludot: 24 Galerie Montpensier, 75001; métro stop Palais-Royal; (331) 42 96 06 56

Book to Read While in Paris:

Not coincidentally the book I am reading now, Project Paris, the follow up to the first book A Girl Like Moi, follows the main character Imogene and her best friend Evie while they are staying in Paris. It obviously has to do a lot with fashion- but it is funny and adorable too! By Lisa Barham.

Au Revior! (Okay, I know, cheesy!)

Ya, BYE!!!

Friday, July 27, 2007

Hairspray- The Wardrobe!

Last Tuesday I went with my friends to see Hairspray in theaters and honestly, I didn't know what to expect. I really didn't know if it was going to capture the 1950's wardrobe wise, but of course, I really hoped it would as it is my favorite era of fashion. It was a time of prim skirts and coiffed hair and just altogether perfect-ness which I have to admit, I love. And it was a very good surprise when I saw that every single outfit in the movie was perfectly 50's, as was the music (which I am also in love with!). I loved all of the looks, which is why I decided to do a post about my Top 3! Hope You It:

3. I thought this outfit on Brittany Snow was adorable, the a-line dress was perfect with the flowers on the hem and bodice as well as the row of buttons. The sea foam-ish cardigan was coordinated with the look, but not too matchy-matchy which I love. It's pretty wierd that on Snow, the white flats look cute, but on the other girls behind her they look well, not cute. It also helps that her outfit looks pretty and polished, while the other girl's outfits are of the era, but just average. It would have been higher on my list if it wasn't too Martha Stewart/Stepford Wives...I mean, you do have to draw the line somewhere!

2. Oh. My. Gosh. I just loved this!!!! First of all, I adore Queen Latifah in every way, as she is a great actress, singer, comedian, and looks like (I've never met her, obviously) she has a great personality. Also, I really love almost everything she wears for big events (like her gowns) and this year's Oscars were no exception. The plunging neckline on this animal print dress is perfect with the big necklace, and even though I would normally think a completely animal print maxi-dress would be too much, this looks gorgeous. I especially loved the feather boa :)

1. The minute I saw this scene in the movie, I immediately squealed *inside of course, I wasn't about to squeal out loud in a movie theater!*. I adored everything about the dresses- pink, sparkly, and completely over the top! The dresses were also a hit on Ebay, where they both were sold at $1,000+ prices, all the proceeds going to the Meals on Wheels Organization. I loved that in this scene in the movie, they did a complete makeover on Edna Turnbald (the mother of Tracey Turnbald; in real life: John Travolta) and it makes her get the confidence to finally be more sure of herself (and her weight) and to get out of the house much more!

So, I guess you can pretty much tell I loved the movie Hairspray...(I really recommend it!)


Monday, July 16, 2007

VS Pink: So Adorable!

I have had an addiction for VS Pink *Victoria's Secret Pink, for all of you living under a rock lately- Just kidding :)* pj's (or "loungewear" whatever) and accessories for like ever, so I decided that it was a great idea to finally do a post about it! It also kind of helped that commenter Lian gave me the idea for it...Thank you! Anyways, they have a lot of new things out for Back to School that are really cute that I just love...and the best part? With any purchase from PINK, you get a free Pink Mini Dog (while supplies last)! Of course, I already got my VS Pink "fix" today (as well as the mini dog) because it will look so cute in my room. All you have to do is enter the code PINKU when you order through the internet, or you can always get it at the store. Anyways, here are my absolute favorite new Pink things:

I've been in L-O-V-E with this pillow since it came out, because it looks graphic and "cool" while looking cute and girly (because of the pink). The description says it gives "pretty punch" in pillow fights, which I think is sort of dumb as a description, but whatever :) Anyways, I really love it, and it reminds me of something they would feature in a Teen Vogue room! (I adore Teen Vogue) This isn't a new VS Pink item, but I still think it is prettier than all the other new pillows so, there. Anyways, it costs $22.50

This sparkly, adorable tee is great, because 1. It's limited-edition, and 2. It represents all the fun they had in this year's World's Largest PINK Pajama Party in Chicago. I didn't go, but I know that Fergie performed, free PINK items were given out, and the party anthem was Fergie's "Here I Come" which I love. Anyways, this tee-shirt costs $29.50...but all the sparkly/glittery/shiny things on it makes it worth it!

VS PINK has always had it's signature perfume, but now it has added three new scents to it's collection: Sweet and Tart, Fruity and Bright, and Fresh and Clean. I'm dying to smell each of them in the store to know which I like the best, but for now I really think I'm going to like Fresh and Clean the best. Anyways, each new scent has a body lotion $12, body mist $15, and sudsy soap $10.50 (each sold seperately). My favorite has to be the soap though, it looks so cute on a rope! :)

It would be my absolute dream to have taken this to a past sleepover...on top of it probably being really funny to have brought this, it is just so cute- as well as functional. It's even water repellent and has tons of that I think of it, it would be great for camping too! Not that I think I'll be going camping any time soon, but it would be great to bring if I would. Anyways, it costs $48.50.

I am completely in between saying this hoodie is completely amazing, or if it is completely tacky...which happens a lot when I'm looking at clothes, now that I think about it. This happens the most when I'm loooking at VS Pink or Juicy Couture clothes, for obvious reasons. Well, whatever, I actually think I like it- but I'm not sure if I would buy it...would you? Comment to tell me, please! It costs $68.

As most of you should know (if you've read my blog before) I'm a sucker for comfy-cuteness. Which of course, is why I just adore this scarf. I am loving rugby stripes (a trend for Fall) and the Varsity P and "peace hand" just make this cuter. Don't you just love that little peace hand? It even has a heart in it :) And, all for $19.50.

Hope You Loved It!

Thursday, July 05, 2007

The Clique's Adorable Looks!

Okay, first off I would like to thank Emily from The Local Celebrity for giving me the idea for this post- it ties in perfectly with the fact that the new book of the series just came out! By the way, I really recommend it (The Clique: Sealed With A Diss #8)- I just couldn't stop reading it. I also loved the hairstyle of the middle girl on the much, that I just cut my hair the same way yesterday! Anyways, the idea of this post is to create an adorable look for each girl from The Clique. If you haven't read the books yet (read them!), here is each girl's style (I sort of stole the names they gave each girl's style in Dial L for Loser): Massie is Trendy-Chic, Alicia is Flirty-Classic (very preppy, RL), Claire is Casual-Comfy (and sometimes cute), Kristen is Feminine-Sporty (almost all the things she wears is Puma brand) and Dylan is Loud-Proud and Slimming (she is always trying to make herself look skinnier in her clothes).

Massie's Trendy-Chic Outfit!:

- Rag & Bone Camisole, $173
- adam+eve Pleated Short, $265
- Tory Burch Tumbled Leather Reva Ballet Flat, $195
- Gorjana Heart Tag Necklace, $95
- Chloe Sunglasses, $270

Alicia's Feminine-Classic Outfit!:

- Lauren by Ralph Lauren Locke Short-Sleeved Jacket, $139
- Catherine Malandrino Camisole with Embroidery, $395
- J Brand 14" Cigarette Leg Stretch Jean, $159
- Ralph Lauren Blue Label Brass Marin Belt, $145
- Juicy Couture Envy Suede Flat, $225

Claire's Casual-Comfy/Cute Outfit!:

- American Eagle Cable Hoodie, $44.50
- Gap Classic Ribbed Tank, $14.50
- Juicy Couture Heather Velour Wide Leg Pant, $110 (borrowed by Massie, I guess!)
- Keds Champion Cable Knit Mini Slip-On, $49.99 (all her's!)
- Olympus Stylus 710, (I'm not really sure of the price, I sort of just put it because I know she loves photography and they never mention she wears jewelry)
Kristen's Feminine-Sporty Outfit!:

- Puma Terry Jacket, $55
- True Religion Lizzie Skirt, $152
- Juicy Couture Terry Cuffs, $17 each
- C&C California Color Blocked Tank, $48
- Mella Terry Flip Flop, $29

Dylan's Loud and Proud (and hopefully slimming!) Outfit!:

- Sunner Florent Kimono Dress, $282
- Paige Premium Denim Melrose Straight Leg Jean, $169
- Elegantly Waisted Patent Wrap Belt, $400
- Moschino Cheap & Chic Open Toe Patent Kiltie, $460
- Erickson Beamon for Shopbop Muse Ring, $361

Phew! Finally I'm done...what do you think?
Love Ya,