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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Electric- Sliding Your Credit Card

This post is going to be about the two coolest gadgets I could think of, and the fashions to go with them, from the idea of Kate. I hope you it!!!


This limited-edition Sidekick 2 was born glamorous, and baptized by Juicy Couture! They do not sell it anymore in the normal dealers, but they do sell tons of them on Ebay for great prices and new conditions!
This Sidekick 2 Juicy Couture Royal Heart charm is like jewelry for your phone! You can find it on ebay for $5.50.


Pair this cute electronic with these Juicy Couture sweats, that actually match the color perfectly. They are even the same brand! Vintage Long-Sleeved Hoodie: $118, Vintage Drawstring Pant: $92; both in Camisole.

Just like your phone, you get heart jewelry too! This Juicy Couture conversational heart bracelet for $125 is adorable and fits right with the phone charm.


This white laquered-like Ipod Nano really lives up to its name in tinyness, it is unbelievably small! It is really cute and fashionable with the white/stainless steel, too! It is $149- $249 (depends on data capacity).


I love this Damsel tube top for $18 in Urban Outfitters (I've posted it in red before) in white because it is so simplistic and streamlined but still sexy, which is awesome and sooo my style.

Pair the tube-top with these also streamlined, Banana Republic stretch cotton surplus pants in white for $78. They are classic, cute, perfect for day or night, what is there NOT to love?

Instead of spending a FORTUNE on these gorgeous signature red-soled Louboutin's you can opt for these:

These Jessica Simpson Footwear "Amy" sandals are in the white patent leather for $78.95 in Nordstrom. They look exactly like the Louboutins because after all, everybody likes a good imitation!

These Banana Republic mixed pearlescent discs hoop earrings add the "stainless steel" of the ipod to the look but in a classic silver for $42. The discs look very much like mother-of-pearls which add instant glamour.

P.S.: Now you can simply go to and it directs you to my blog, just thought you should know!!!

TA-DA! I'm done!!

Luv ya,

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Summer Birthdays!

Okay, in this post I am going to give you a fabulous idea in what to give to your BFF for her Summer birthday. And I have such a cute idea: a bag stuffed with goodies. Get a raffia or straw beach tote (designer or not) and put in first, a beach-worthy album or scrapbook filled with pictures of your friend with her family and friends (including you of course). The pics could even be specialized in one event like a beach party or barbecue. Next, put in some bedazzled flip-flops, good for the sandy beaches or the Copacabana (I feel Barry Manilow-y today). You should then stuff in either a self-tanner or SPF (or both) and floppy hat for the beach. If you really want to make her happy, put in either a bikini, cover-up, or some big oversized Jackie O's. Here are two examples of this present, on a Costly or Cheapy budget:
Here is the album you should use for both budgets:
This PBteen pandan photo album is at a great price for $29, and could not be more perfect for the occassion, or the present. The material of the album makes it so beach-y and even matches with the bag!


This Tory Burch tote is just as boho-chic as it is modern and is hefty enough to supply all of the goodies. The turquoise really brings out the neutral color, and is perfect for the new beach trend: matching your bags with your bikinis. It's the beaded logo basket for $425.

These embellished brocade thongs are so cute and since it is a gift, will look cool wrapped up with the bag, because they're the same blue color. The orange beading really brings out the blue, not to mention the Southwestern style creating a buzz. Manolo Blahnik, $630.

This Clinique body quick bronze tinted self-tanner mousse is really great (I've tried it) because it leaves even coats on account of the mousse texture. Also, it doesn't leave an orange freaky glow, but a dark "I just came from the Bahamas" tan. It is $17.50.

This Kiehls Since 1851 face and body lotion conditions, hydrates, and most importantly protects having SPF 40. It also was named"Best Sunscreen" in Self magazine's "2004 Healthy Beauty Awards". It costs $18.50.

This Chantelle straw hat is a bit pricey at $228, but look at how beautiful it is! Anyone would look gorgeous with this hat on at the beach with some Dior sunglasses, cute cover-up...fabulous!

This simplistic but gorgeous Moschino bandeau bikini flatters mostly all body types. It also has straps that you can wear in different ways. It costs $195 at N-M.

This Milly tunic dress is to die for, having the trendy brocade, but still maintaining simplicity and elegance. The tonal gold and turquoise pattern really is gorgeous, it costs $197 on SALE at N-M.

These Salvatore Ferragamo shades will truly bring out the Jackie O in you but with a modern touch. The side detail like the embellishments make them one-of-a-kind. Plastic dot sunglasses, $310; N-M.


The flower detailing on this embroidered large raffia tote makes it oh-so-feminine but it is still very functional. The raffia and all really makes it perfect for the gift, and the price is even better at $68, Gap.

These Gap metallic rope sandals are for one, absolutely gorgeous, and two: the price is amazing! $19.50!!! The gold roping and all makes it look 4 times the price!!

This Bain de Soleil mega tan sunscreen lotion with self tanner is so innovative because it is two-in-one! The price is awesome at $6.99 at your local drugstore.

This hat has gorgeous detailing and protects you from the sun. It's cowboy but not over the top which is great.Gap open straw hat in natural, $24.50.

This Gap solid key hole one piece is natural and simple in java brown but still very sexy. It is $29.50.

I love this Gap banded dress because the pink color will contrast great with all the neutrals I put in. Not to mention your soon to be tan skin. $29.50, Gap.

These Old Navy women's embellished oversized sunglasses in black are well worth the price at $9.50. They are very Jackie O like the costly ones and are truly chic and expensive looking.

LUV ya,

Saturday, May 27, 2006

Fruit and Fashion Go Together Like Cereal and Milk

Okay, this post is going to show my favorite fruits and it's color fashions. It's perfect for summer and is so JUICY!!! Anyway, here it is:
This hot hue will brighten up any day and outfit, anytime. This chili-pepper color just screams siren! Pair this tint with neutrals and use it wisely, like for example some red patent peep toe heels and straight leg jeans would look fabulous. A little of it goes a long way!!!
The red-patent Anabelle peep toes shown here would look great with some straight legs, a tank and a cropped jacket for a bombshell rocker look. Steve Madden, $79.99.

This Summer basic will surely become a staple in your wardrobe. Damsel tube top in stop red, Urban Outfitters; $18.

This bright beaded choker in red looks like a great find you just picked up from your local flea market, vintage-y and bright. Urban Outfitters, $20.

This Lux contrast polka dot jacket in red with light blue is just plain adorable and cute with anything! Urban Outfitters, $29.99

This hue is recognized world-wide for its classiness and country-club chic clothing. You can find this citrus-y color anywhere from Palm Beach, to Conneticut, to the East Hamptons. This color looks especially refined when as flourescent as can be and paired with white.

This little marigold number has the perfect mix of 60's mod and the boho of today that you can wear effortlessly at the beach or the local tiki hut or cabana. Tory Burch crocheted dress, $375.

This classic and simple wicker bag is great while lounging poolside at your favorite country club or a gourmet spa brunch. Kate Spade Ravello Baskets large Gabry $281.

Also by Kate Spade, this clutch/tote is great for going through night and day with one bag. The color is so bright and sunny, appropriately called "sunflower". Lexington striped shea, $169.

Your favorite polo updated in a strechy, sexy fit with that classic croc on the lapel. Lacoste Stretch Polo in yellow, $72.

This color warms up and complements all skin tones., and is incredibly vivid. This bright hue is the juiciest of all and is not for the shy or timid!
You will never see neutrals the same way again after wearing this color.

This IncaGirl swimsuit is absoulutely gorgeous! It really takes you back to the Incan Empire days in Peru but definetly with a modern twist! It is the Monte Carlo one piece in orange combo, $230.

This Isabella Fiore bag has equal parts hippie, L.A., and N.Y. It's the Love-Print leather tote in Rust, large. $580, N-M.
These bright oversized plastic earrings have the perfect amount of 50's and hippie/bohemian.They cost 9.99, Urban Outfitters.

This fabulous large bright striped bag is from the Target GO:Global collection. It looks so much more expensive than it really is- and its perfect as your day to day beach bag! Tara Jarmon, Target; $29.99.

Not quite red, but not pink either, watermelon is one of the most flattering of all shades. Especially when worn with sprinkles of warm colors like paprika and cinnamon or of course, a creamy mint to neon lime.

This Laundry by Shelli Segal number is so adorable, and has that true watermelon color to it. The ombre just makes it all the more gorgeous. It is the strapless ombre crinkle silk dress, $215; Nordstrom.

These Damsel cropped leggings in hot rose are great for summer but with the trend remixed. Instead of wearing them with a denim mini or shorts, opt for a simplistic short vintage frock, or under your swimsuit cover-up. Urban Outfitters, $24.

This pique polo dress from lacoste just flatters every body type and is the the real kind of preppy. The gardenia color also makes you look rosier and more illuminated. Neiman Marcus, $140.

This Sophia by Vix contrast ruffle bikini and bandeau top look so watermelon-y that I could not resist! The watermelon pink/red really off-set the creamy green. Both are $39.99 and can be found at Urban Outfitters.

This studded buckle bag in magenta will let you fit in everything you need, and I mean EVERYTHING. The color has a major cuteness factor, too, so you won't lose your style while carrying around a bulging bag! Urban Outfitters, $58.

This new color in the Summer spectrum is breezier than black but is still very sophisticated. It looks especially crisp and breezy when paired with stark white (no cremes or beige).

This dress lets you channel your 50's style icon or your true southern belle. The pockets make it just the more vintage inspired, so opt for no purse. Diane Von Furstenburg printed dress, $298; N-M.

This Lux knit icon tube dress really fits the bill as a beach swimsuit cover-up. The white apple print is too cute, and looks great with the navy hue. Urban Outfitters, $58.

The Lady Bop necklace shown here was chosen to be paired with gold hardware which is a great choice. Anyone really could pull this necklace off, maybe with a simplistic empire dress in white? Super cute! Navy-white polka dots,$24; Urban Outfitters.

These Johnson striped denim shorts look very classy and country club chic. Pair them with a crochet top, or something sweet, maybe lace? Neiman Marcus, $230.

This fabulous Luella Stevie stripe canvas bag is definetely dream-worthy. The playful anchor and heart charms make it all the better for added cuteness. It's on SALE, too! Before it was $750, NOW it's $524. Can be found at Saks Fifth Avenue.

I hoped you like my post, it took me forever x 2!!
Luv Ya,