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Thursday, September 21, 2006

Latin American Vogue

The other day when I went to the local grocery store, they had the new issue of Latin American Vogue, and I decided to pick one up. What I noticed was something horrible... they had the same exact things they had in United States Vogue ,in Spanish of course, but from two months ago!! I mean the 80's comeback shoot with Gisele Bundchen from two months ago? In the new issue of Latin American Vogue!! The last look at the end of all the Vogue's where they post all of the "new" cool fashionable items? The same exact thing in Latin except from two months ago in Vogue- these tacky in a good way navy with a big acrylic rose on top silk sandals! I mean don't they know that they are maybe permanently belating all of the Latin people's fashion choices? For all we know, they could still be thinking peasant skirts are in...with Uggs! I mean come on, maybe one month later but two??? This has to be stopped now...a protest perhaps? Got to know that I loovvvee protests! No just kidding....maybe. Anyway... that is the cover of the U.S. Vogue from two months ago... ( i couldn't find a picture of the new Latin American Vogue)
That is the July issue, by the way...

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Rice Krispies Are Not Meant for Sharing!!

The title has nothing to do with the post, so just don't acknowledge it- this post is actually about "ta-da!!" Fashion Week Spring/ Summer 2007... adored it!!! Here were my absolute favorite collections that I j'adored!!! Note: A humongous trend I've been seeing is 60's mod (every collection had atleast a couple babydoll minidresses)...a part of the Anglomania- I bet, so hurry up and wear voluminous minidresses before they end up paired with leggings on a mannequin at Limited Too.

First up, Carolina Herrera...

Mod- minidresses Carolina Herrera style, oh so elegant with the eyelet embroidery (bottom) and the other one that looks like Jay's empire-state building inspired dress form Project Runway Season1 but in red.

Business attire done so feminine it will let you go from work to a cocktail party with no outfit change whatsoever!

I adore that evening gown so much, It looks like the perfect prom dress for a very fashion forward person for some reason, with the cinched Fendi- style belt... And the shorter dress looks exactly like something Ashley Olsen would wear!!!


Black was the dominating color for this Urban/Mod/Chic/ NYC collection where she mixed grafitti, blocks of bright colors, lots of black, and ghetto-chic chic clothing with a lot of feminine flair. Even though I prefer the black, I still adored the more colorful ones like at the bottom. Doesn't that long black skirt remind you of last season's Marc Jacobs?!


Even though I basically hated the collection ( it wasn't even a collection- nothing looked alike except a couple of pieces) and there was none of her signature wrap dresses *tear, tear*, the only things I like were the ones I'm showing. On a brighter note, the makeup was to die for:

Adore the fuschia lips with the neautral eye color!!! But lets face it, not everybody can pull this off- especially Senora Marta, my elementary school lunch lady who would coat on fuschia lipstick and dab matching eye shadow all over her eyes... Darker skin girls would look awesome in a bright fuschia, while lighter skinned girls should go for a pinker shade with blue undertones- and asian girls should go even pinker (no yellowish undertones!!) as well.

More 60's mod!! I am adoring that fuschia shown on DVF for Spring- I'm planning to buy a bathing suit that color and Fall just begun!!! Anyway, the t-shirtdress is a great staple for everything spring/summer, while the black is just so NOW to pair with tights, jeans beaters and tanks underneath- aahhh... the layering possibilities...

And to finish off...

I love these adorable erasers by Fred Flare!!! I mean, could they get any more adorable? Seriously!! Mistakes have never looked so good- especially at a great priced $8 for all of them, which is a bit less than $1.50 for each.

Luved the Post...
Luv Ya,

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Riding Boots for Fall 2006

I am loving the riding boots coming out for Fall that are oh so versatile tucked into jeans or worn with cozy knit sweater dresses- plus, they are super comfortable for walking in, due to their flat to about one inch heel! Here are some that I've had my eye on:

I love these new suede knee- high boots in Urban Outfitters because of the versatility, comfort, but most of all, I adore the price: $68- don't the boots look sooo much more expensive?
Even though Delias has always really annoyed me, these boots are actually pretty adorable! Even they don't really look more expensive then they are (that is always a plus) they are definetely buy-able!! They cost $69 and are the "sedgwick " boots- yes very annoying, I know!

For a bit more of an expensive option, opt foe these Nine West Kamella Tall Boots that also look like more of a riding boot, due to the shined leather and foldover top-part. They cost $179, which is relatively a pretty good price- compared to the next one...

Okay, don't laugh. These Prada Cervo Riding Boots have literally been haunting me in my sleep after I saw them in the new Saks catalog thingy that came in the mail. I mean, aren't they gorgeous? But of course- beauty is pain (for you or your wallet) and they cost a crazy (!) $980. Gosh! (that was my Napoleon Dynamite moment and I didn't even notice it when I typed it).

For a much more cheaper option while still being designer, try these great water-resistant Burberry Rubber Riding Boots for $165. They look uber-comfortable and I think they are for actual equestrians! But if you have no plans for jumping on a horse anytime soon, they are great as rain boots for rainy days...obviously.

Definetely pair these boots with tapered jeans like from Sass and Bide or, Abercrombie which is selling great skinny jeans lately at good prices. If skinny jeans aren't your thing, try other Fal staples such as chunky long turtlenecks withe leggings or boyfriend sweaters. Just remember to not overload on accessories- that is just sooo NOT Fall!

Hope You Adored and Loved it!!!
Luv Ya,