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Friday, June 30, 2006

Resort 2007 Runway Collections

This post is going to be about the Resort 2007 Runway Collections of Oscar de la Renta and Dior by John Galliano which were my favorites of the Resort collections. I hope you it! Here it is:


In Oscar de la Renta's resort collection, many of his dresses really had a Southern belle flair, like from a Coming- Out party! Another trend in the dresses and really all of the clothes, was to add definition to the waist and to accent the shoulders for a sexy but demure look. He also expiremented with fun prints like wispy flowers and polka dots which I loved. The black and white dress really looks like something Jessica Simpson would wear, for some reason.

Another staple in the Oscar de la Renta Resort runway was the classic trench with a spin on it. For example to accent the trench coat with big gold buttons and pockets for a military-style effect. Or, to play with accessories such as a huge straw hat and gold bag; or huge Jackie-O sunglasses and chunky jewelry. Pairing a shorter trench with bermudas and heels is another way to adapt the winter-y coat to your summer wardrobe.

The biggest trend of all in the Oscar de la Renta Resort 2007 runway, though, was definetely the waist defining dresses. Wether defined by a cinched-at-the-waist belt or just by the structure of the dress alone they looked fabulous! All of the dresses had a vintage look as well, as it had all of these accents such as ruffles or lace that made them feel one-of-a-kind.


Lamé, lamé, lamé!!! That's what what the Resort 2007 Dior runway was screaming in almost all of it's pieces. The clothing really looked balanced, with classic pieces that had a rocker spin on them such as glittery sequins or shiny lamé. My favorite of all the outfits was definetely the one with the seafoam colored fur jacket and gold ruched cocktail dress. The other outfit is also pretty gorgeous, with lamé drainpipes and a champagne sateen top.

White hot bags really made an impression in all of the Spring/Summer runways basically because they match with everything in your wardrobe this time around in the year. I love how the bags featured in the Dior runways translate into real life, cute but practical. The only thing is you have to be careful not to dirty it, which is really annoying but that won't stop me from buying one! Plus: the shimmer on the clutch is adorable!

Light-weight trenches dotted in almost all runways this season, but Dior's take on them was my favorite. I loved that they had a sheen to them, making them look really luxurious. They accentuated the trenches really nicely, too, like pairing the python skirt underneath the shiny beige/gold. Or, like the gold sheen on the rustic brown coat with a brown bag to match.

The biggest trend of the Resort 2007 Dior runway,though, was definetely the edgy short bobs on all of the models!

Luv Ya,

Friday, June 23, 2006

Tanks, Tanks, and More Tanks!!!

Okay, sorry I haven't been posting in a while but I'm baaaack and better than ever! This post is going to be about tank tops and where to get the best, cutest and awesomely priced of them. Here it is:

This Polka Dot Apron Tank from Lux is extremely cute for layering as the model did with a simple and form-fitting tank top underneath or for colder days, a long-sleeved stretch cotton shirt. You can find it at Urban Outfitters for $32.

I adore Cherry Tee ribbed tanks! I love the bright and punchy colors as well as the stretchy and fitted fit they provide to all women. They are simple tanks you can buy in bulk, for one: because of the low price of $19.50 and also because you can wear them everywhere! From yoga studios to the mall, it just depends what you pair them with.

I am really loving this Sweetees Amba Smock Top lately! It just has that south-of-the-border flavor, but also looks trendy enough to wear out to eat, especially when worn with jeans and cute jewelry! If you feel like you have to go for cover, opt for a tank underneath it. It is $69 at Girlshop.

Ever since I saw this American Apparel Highlighter 2 x 1 Ribbed U-Neck Tank, it was love at first sight! The shape really flatters a body, and the shades are brilliant, especially because highlighter is the new "it" thing of the season! It's $22.

I'm really loving the lace detail on this Abercrombie and Fitch Jil Tank because of the femininity it gives to just a regular tank. Also, the lace paired with the light brown color is very chic! Talking about the light brown, this color looks really good on almost everybody, especially when it has a hint of dusty grey like this one! It is $29.50, by the way.

I Hope You Liked It!!!

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Flats Fever

I am really loving flats lately for some reason, mostly ballerinas, but even some sandals, too. They just seem so cute-sy but a lot of them are trendy, which makes them irresistible! So I decided to do a post about it, here it is:
I love these ballerinas, they make me just want to do leaps and pirouettes! The metallic color is to die for and you can get them in gold too, but I prefer silver for some reason. They're at Scoop (see my shopping links) for $98.

These adorable Banana Republic weaved flats are really where it's at in fashion, and yes, they're silver again. They are the Delphina metallic huaraches in silver for $88.

I am in LOVE with Gap! It's like they have had a total transformation, no longer being the place where you get those "great t-shirts", but where you can get adorable jeweled sandals, trendy skirts and even going-out shirts. The best part though, is that they have the same low prices. These are the jewel t-straps in gold for $29.50.

I really like the 80's feel of these fuchsia Jeffrey Campbell shimmer ballets, plus, they are really comfortable. And, comfortable + stylish + a hint of 80's = perfect! They are $78 and can be found at Urban Outfitters.

These Old Navy women's Sparkle-Trim suede flats for $19.50 are incredibly cute, and you get the great feeling of a great buy without the regret of an empty wallet later! Also, the suede material gives them a lux feel, even if they aren't necessarily "lux".

This is the lux item in this post costing an expensive total of $510 at Net-a-Porter (see shopping link list). Why? It has that signature red-sole that have all the celebrites craving for, Christian Louboutin, the new Manolo's. They are the leather ballerina flat shoes, by the way.

Luv Ya,

Thursday, June 08, 2006

2006 CFDA Awards Designer/Celebrity Couples

The CFDA awards are like as Vera Wang puts it: "The Oscars for fashion designers, the best award you can get" but the celebrity/fashion designer combos were what kept everybody on their tippy-toes! Here it is:

My favorite duo of all time was most definetely Zac Posen and Shalom Harlow, they just exude this elegance and glamour! The dress he made for her was gorgeous, and she paired just the right accessories which I believe really makes or breaks an outfit. Really, it could not get ANY better!

I loved how Francisco Costa for Calvin Klein dressed Scarlett Johansson, the cut fit her perfectly, and it looked sexy/demure (her specialty in her look) with the peep-toe heels. He won the Womens Wear CFDA award, now I can see why. By the way, love her new red hair!

Could be the wierdest couple, maybe the coolest, but one thing is for sure: they were one of the most fashionable! I love how Lindsay ditched her "a bit tooooo young phase" and opted for a more classic look that called to Julia Robert's Oscars dress (remember?) geometric and black-white. And Karl Lagerfield, really looked awesome with the full on ruffle, only he could pull that off! Anyway, great pair!

Heidi Klum just looks gorgeous in this gown designed by Gilles Mendel, who she is with. The dress really is an aquired taste- either you hate it (you think it's a mushroom) or love it (you think it's a gown a goddess would wear)- and I don't love it or hate it: I ADORE it!!! Also she pulled it off with a smile and confidence, which completes all outfits (oh, and great hair and accessories, too!!!).

Anna Wintour looks great in this elegant and chic navy gown that had 20- somethings coveting for, hard to believe she is in her 50's!! The dress was by International Award winner Olivier Theyskens (Rochas) whom she is with, who also looked (even with his hobo-ish hair) great and elegant-looking.

Accessory Designer of the Year nominee Michael Kors designed this dress for naturally-gorgeous Jessica Simpson, but for my taste, left too little for the imagination and turned out looking way too revealing! I loved her hair and accessories, though (adored the shoes!).

Hope You Loved it!!!
Luv Ya,

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Summer Essential Checklist

Fashion revolves so fast that sometimes even the designers who set the trends get mixed up. So that is why I'm going to present a summer look/essential checklist, you'll know exactly what you need! Here it is:
  • Flirty Summer Dresses: Layer them under tight-fitted, smooth lambskin leather vests with big round buttons or wide belts worn at the waist to define. Also can be worn with leggings (they're baaaack), espadrille or non-espadrille wedges, or summer boots (no furs).
  • Leggings: Forget those 8o's flashbacks, leggings are for layering. Use them to add cover to your short-short dresses, your mini's, shorts, or for warmth on breezier nights.
  • Ballerinas, Flats, and Skimmers: Perfect with drain-pipe jeans, shorts, and dresses. Look for that special IT-factor to make them be noticed in a crowd: metallic finishes, patent leather, lace-ups and embellishments at the toes.
  • HUGE bags: Small bags during summer lower the confidence-meter, plus the unlimited space is really something to be grateful for during the carry-in-bulk summers.
  • Pendants: Go for the look of chunky jewelry with your delicate summer dresses, but never pair big earrings with a chunky necklace, that's called jewelry overload.

I put this outfit together for the perfect summer look:

Rows Left to Right: Catherine Malandrino Flora Sundress, Ana Sui Mesh Leggings, Hollywould Metallic Leather Ballerina Flats, Marc Jacobs Large Hobo Bag, Me & Ro Small Flaming Heart Necklace.

I Hope You Loved It!!!!

Friday, June 02, 2006

The Classic Pant Suit

The pant suit is initially thought as for men's work attire, or even women's work attire. But now, with the help of feminine touches, the pant suit is something women can wear to formal galas and parties. For example, ruffles like from the Spring 2006 Ready-to-Wear Yves Saint Laurent pantsuit (top) bring out the coquette in any woman. Or, luxurious fabrics can add femininity like raw silk, silk, and satin as Giorgio Armani did this season (bottom three).

That was short!!
Luv ya,

Thursday, June 01, 2006


This post is going to be covering trends that have appeared during the Spring/Summer of 2006. From swimsuits to shirtdresses, it will be covering (mostly) everything. Hope you it!!!!


Geometry ruled the runways, especially in the Spring 2006 Ready-to-Wear Louis Vuitton and Missoni. The key is to balance the look out with a muted and neutral bag, shoes, and the other parts of your outfit, like they did in both catwalks. If you do this, then the main attention will be on the geometric print, so it won't have any competition with your other pieces.


Another trend you could see everywhere in the Spring 2006 Ready-to-Wear was bedazzled swimsuits. Like in the Louis Vuitton runway (left) where they chose to go with chains that included jewels strung to the one-piece and a shimmering gold color. In the Spring 2006 Ready-to-Wear Alexander Mcqueen runway (right) they also showcased dazzling swimsuits, this time being white, another swimsuit trend.


Short-shorts have always been known as sort of trampy, not "Upper East Side" classic. So designers stepped up to the plate and evolved this piece, so now short-shorts can almost be evening wear (almost). The Spring 2006 Ready-to-Wear Versace runway is my favorite, displaying a big pop of color on top (with matching bag, of course) and neutral shorts and shoes. The Spring 2006 Ready-to-Wear Miu Miu runway also displayed a very classy ensemble while still looking effortless.


The shirtdress was truly one of the biggest trends of the year, wether dressed up or down, being loose fitted or structured. One that really struck a chord with audiences everywhere was this Spring 2006 Ready-to-Wear Stella McCartney runway shirtdress (left). It can be dressy or casual, still maintaining elegance wherever you go. Another shirtdress that stood out was this Spring 2006 Ready-to-Wear Imitation of Christ runway one, which is more structured than the Stella McCartney but still feminine.

Luv ya,