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Saturday, February 09, 2008

Hey :) I Think I'm (Finally) Back!

Ok first I would really like to say I'm sorry for not posting even after I did a post saying I would post. I'm not really sure if that made any sense but whatever I'll just get on with the point. I didn't know what to post about!!! There is so many things I can do...but so little a the same time. I have to do an exciting, fun post- but a post that is also informative. It has to be smart, but cute. A lot of pictures, but a lot of words also. The list goes on and on and on! Then I started thinking(LIGHTBULB MOMENT): don't many designers get inspiration from things they've done before? I could probably do the same :) So I went back to my 3rd post...the one after my introduction and a small dress post, and found it- My Loves and Hates of the time I posted it. The experience of looking back reminded me a lot of looking back at my diary when I was like 9 or 10. I sound very young and overexcited and it's pretty embarrassing- but at the same time it's sort of heartwarming . Just like looking at old pictures :) Okay, I'm off topic. Again. Anyways, that is pretty much what this post is going to be about...all of the things I am simply adoring- and the things that should really, welllll just... I mean, go away :)
The Things I Adore :
- Playing guitar: It makes me happy =D Especially when it's Hello Kitty and kept in an adorable VS Pink case! (Note: I have the case, but sadly my guitar is not Hello Kitty :( its Yamaha, and acoustic.)
<--- Random picture I took of my shoes :) - Ed Hardy: Yes, it can be overrated when Jessica Alba wears it in form of trucker hats, but somethings like the sneakers can be very cute. I own a silver pair with skulls and they are to dieee for :) And yeah, I know that saying that trucker hats are overrated and then inserting the picture above of trucker hats doesn't make much sense. But, hey, I'm complicated! (And indecisive, too)
- Red, or Rouge: Woo-hoo! Finally taking French 101 paid off...I know colors- in French! :) But really though, my favorite color by far has to be big, bold, fire-engine red. On lips (in the form of lipstick of course), jewelry, shoes, pencils, purses, cameras, EVERYTHING! Okay sorry I got a tad carried away there- but still, I really do love red. Even my sunglasses are red, which are pictured above ^. They're Marc by Marc Jacobs, and I think they're still available :)
- Photography: Over the past months, I've really been digging (I love that I sound like a desperately trying to be cool parent when i say "diggging") photography. Taking the pictures is awesome, but what I really can't get enough of is giving them effects, contrasting them, etc. The best place to do that for me, is Picasa...I seriously use it everyday :) An old-school Polaroid is definitely on my "Want" list.
- Teen Vogue A-Z: Every single time Teen Vogue does an issue with an A-Z guide, I end up adoring everything on the whole list. Like, seriously, it made me want to buy a bike, wear anime-inspired eyeliner, and love pajamas even more than I already do (pajamas are my favorite things to buy, wear and of course, sleep in). Their were two highlights though, that were actually back-to-back: L for Lego Accessories, and M for Manic Panic! The Lego accessories from Marc by Marc Jacobs are genius, so much in fact, that I am seriously considering doing a DIY project party with my best fraans' to make the belts. Mine will be yellow, just in case you were wondering :) And about the Manic Panic, well, anything involving rainbow bright hair and Debbie Harry excites me; enough said.
My Hates...Or "Dislikes":
- People who think having a good taste in music means liking bands people have never heard of. Even when the band, well, s-u-c-k-s.
- Leggings
- Octopus
- People who think acting airheaded is cute.
- Jonas Brothers...even though they are very cute and all, but they're just soooo annoying!
- Ray Ban cute, but soooo overrated.
- Booty shorts <---- haha these make me laugh O.o
-'s just too addictive and annoying.
- Gauchos...can you tell I'm running out of things to put yet?
- Anything that gives muffin tops ;)
Hope You Loved My Post :)
Love Ya,