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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Mary-Kate and Ashley's Elizabeth and James Line- Adorable!

Hi! The other day, while I was being a lazy bum and watching E! News on my couch, I saw that they did a feature on Paris Hilton's brand opening in Kitson the other day. Immediately after, I had a major lightbulb moment to save me from Blogger's Block! Yay! I would do it on celeb lines...but who? I mean, I had a pretty huge list to pick from- Sienna Miller, Victoria "Posh Spice" Beckham, Sarah Jessica Parker, and even Amanda Bynes. Paris Hilton gave me the idea to do this post (and I was actually about to do it about her line) until I saw the "collection". Ew. The satin puffy shirts look beyond cheap, and I literally cracked up when I saw a tee with her face on it. So I started thinking of an alternative-hmmm...MK and Ashley! They have come out with two lines: The Row, the more expensive, high end line- and Elizabeth & James- the more affordable line named after their brother and sister. I chose E&J...Here are my favorites of the line- Hope You It!:

Before anything, though: The dress Paris Hilton wore to her collection premiere in Kitson LA. Even though I admit this could tend to go to the rap star/Vegas/tacky/VMA's side, there is another side (which is much better) that is flashy but not trashy- just sort of show-offy, but in a good way. I do have a sort of "evil theory" (LOL) though, that Paris tailored hers so she could look better than everyone else that wears the dress. That, or she pulled it off amazingly, and the model has been doing a lot of what I've been doing over the Summer and not much else (unlike moi)- being a lazy bum. But, whatever. The dress costs $128- oh, did I mention the line was pretty affordable? Oh yeah, I just did :)

Elizabeth and James:

Okay, ah-mazing! It is just so cool and funky (but still glamorous) that it actually makes Paris' collection look like an SNL skit. The White Fur "Glam" Jacket takes center stage, obviously, but the look is made even better with the plum dress underneath. Oh, have a mentioned how much I am adoring the color plum lately? Probably not, as I haven't posted in forever (sorry!) but I hope this post makes up for it :) Anyway, I didn't expect this collection to be SJP for Steve and Barry's cheap, but if this is the "affordable line", than how expensive is "The Row"? The Goat hair jacket is $995, and the dress is $275.

If anybody is thinking of jumping on the chunky knits bandwagon- this is the way to do it. I just love how cozy the sweater looks (I really hope it isn't itchy!) without looking like "loungewear". It looks super versatile, too- but to make it look fashionable and not wierd and 90's (in a bad way, because I know the 90's are coming back) pair it with skinny pants/jeans or leggings. And heels! So cute. The sweater is $365 and has big roomy pockets, too; the leggings are $220.

I just love this dress! If Paris needs any tips on how to design a sequined dress- it's all here. This dress has no Las Vegas/Rap star side- it actually has a vintage-y thrift store side that is just so cool. It may/may not have shoulder pads (I'm not sure), but from the picture, I think it does! Which is great, because it reminds me I seriously have to start taping Golden Girls on Lifetime (or Tivo-ing them) because I'm always missing my fave show EVER. So yeah- oh, and don't you see Chloe Sevigny wearing this dress in the near future? It looks so like her! Anyways, this adorable dress is $495...and wear it with cooler shoes than the model is wearing in the picture, too, please!
Love Ya,
P.S.- The random-ish ending is because I did this post piece-by-piece, and the end is me typing while very sleepy, which is always a hazard :)

Friday, August 10, 2007

I Heart...Paris!

Before anything, I'm really sorry for being completely M.I.A. lately, it was a mix of Blogger's Block (it happens a lot to me), lazyness, and not having time- but I'm back- and with a batch of fresh new ideas, too :) As I am über-excited planning a vacation to Paris for my birthday next year I decided to do a post on the fabulous "City of Lights"! I mean, the chic-ness of it is so overwhelming (in a good way)- the petit fours and macaroons, the gorgeous people and not to mention, the shopping. You can tell I am beyond giddy to go on this trip already so what better way to get even giddier than do a post about it? Here are the best places I've found to shop, sleep and dine in Paris (France not Texas!), Enjoy!
Where to Eat!

One of the most premier bakeries in Paris, Ladurée was even recommended to Juicy Couture website readers by Gela Nash and Pamela Skaist-Levy (the creators of the brand)- specifically, their delicious macaroons! They are famously crisp on the outside and smooth and soft in the middle, and they come in 13 permanent flavors as well as some seasonal and limited editions as well. The company also makes a signature perfume, champagne, many other sweets, and adorable wedding cakes.

Where to Sleep!

The Ritz Paris of course! As one of the most famous (and most elegant) hotels in the world, it exudes "ritzy-ness". The drop-dead gorgeous Prestige Suites that include the Coco Chanel suite (she actually lived there for a portion of her life) and the Chopin suite are famous throughout the world...though I have to admit, my absolute favorite is the Elton John suite, done almost completely in pink! Even though it is quite expensive (the most affordable room is 710 €), I promise it is worth every penny. The room pictured here is the Marcel Proust; doesn't it remind you of The Little Princess?

Where to Shop!

Since shopping is my favorite thing to do in any continent, I decided to write about more than one Parisian shop here. One of my favorites is the beyond-hip Colette were everyone who is anyone has shopped. There, you will find everything from Marc Jacobs Mouse Ballerinas (my favorite item in the store) to Disney Swarovski Cell Phone accessories- and an array of beauty products, too (they currently have the Daisy by Marc Jacobs eau de toilette)! Then there is Dedier Ludot which will be the first shop I will set foot in when I go to Paris- I seriously am dying to go. The hype around this vintage couture store located under the arches of the Palais-Royal gardens is beyond imaginable as starlets such as Kate Moss (fashion icon) and Demi Moore (not really a fashion icon but still) regularly shop there. Think Dior, Balenciaga, Givenchy and Hermes- some of my favorite designers (emphasis on Hermes and Dior). Lastly, to shop the real designer stores (not boutiques or vintage shops), head to the Place Vendôme which has everyone from Mikimoto and Tiffany's, to Chanel and Cartier- and is where the Ritz Paris is located.

Colette: 312 rue St.-Honoré, 75001; métro stop Concorde; (331) 55 35 33 90

Dedier Ludot: 24 Galerie Montpensier, 75001; métro stop Palais-Royal; (331) 42 96 06 56

Book to Read While in Paris:

Not coincidentally the book I am reading now, Project Paris, the follow up to the first book A Girl Like Moi, follows the main character Imogene and her best friend Evie while they are staying in Paris. It obviously has to do a lot with fashion- but it is funny and adorable too! By Lisa Barham.

Au Revior! (Okay, I know, cheesy!)

Ya, BYE!!!