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Monday, May 28, 2007

I Just Love Mini Dresses!

Okay, you really can't get anymore girly than a cute mini dress, can you? Paired with flats and cute jewelry you have the perfect chic I'm-going-to-the-mall-but-not-really look. Put together a metallic dress with heels and a nice 'do (oh my gosh...I can't believe I just put 'do- but doesn't it sound a bit cooler that hairdo? I mean, it's obvious I'm talking about hair!) and you're set for a great night out! Here are two outfits, one for day and one for night, that you won't be able to resist (all from ShopBop):

Day Time:

This look is so simple and cute...a lot like my style, actually! My wardrobe is filled with color, color, color, and white. When you get right down to it, I only have one clothing item that is black- and I really don't remember the last time I wore it. Anyways, this Ella Moss Crystal Mini Dress is just the perfect shade of Guava for Summer, for $155. Pair it with uber-comfy Tory Burch Reva Ballet Flats in white, as to not overpower the already colorful outfit for $195. Top it all off with this Vita Milano Bracelet for $176 in Apple Patent (don't you just love that name for a color?) to add a bit of fun to the look, too. A nice pale pink manicure and pearl studs will make this look just the more girlier.

Night Time:

It's so strange how I can just adore two completely different looks so much...I mean really! The first look was light, fun and colorful (cute...), while this look is sort of dark and vampy in a really cool way that is just perfect for night-time. The dress by Alice + Olivia is the Sequin Baby Doll Dress and is definitely worth every penny of the total of $396 (Wow...that's a lot of pennies!)- it is just awesome! The Davis by Ruthie Davis Screen Mary Jane Pump shoes complement the look without looking too matchy-matchy. I especially like that when they did metallics, they used a bronze strap instead of the average gold or silver. They're on sale for $346.50- maybe I should try Nordstrom for other metallic shoes. Last but soooo not least, is the Giles & Brother Rope Heart Chain Necklace for $163. It also has a bronze-looking chain to complement the shoes (I love it when people notice your outfit goes together, but really don't know why...pairing this necklace and the pumps will have that effect) and the heart gives the look a little bit of a girly edge.

Hope You ed My Mini Post!
Love Ya,

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Adorable Summer Clothes With Really Cute and Fruity Prints On Them!

Okay, I am now officially obsessed with clothes (and accessories!) that have cute, fruity prints on them, which is completely stating the obvious, since that is basically my title, but whatever. Think of cherry-printed white sundresses (I want one!) or polka dots and stripes-and lots of them. From Juicy Couture to J.Crew (and a bit of Kate Spade) here are my favorite items for Summer (I really can't wait!):

I swear that this Juicy Couture Tank Mini Dress has cherries on them!!! The only thing is that the picture doesn't really show them, and the cherries are orange, which is sort of wierd, like if they have orangosis or something caused by mis-use of fertilizers (or something). And even through all of that, I still think this dress is pretty cute in a fun, cheery (cherry and cheery haha) way. It is $138 at Saks Fifth Avenue.

If I ever happen to have a fashion collection (that would be so awesome! I would totally name it something cute but not cheesy...maybe Pookie?) I want my first collection to look like this J.Crew Egyptian-cotton printed sweater dress for $140. It has an arabian feel, but still looks clean-cut and summery. Besides, I am really into mini-dresses right now- but without leggings, please!

This J.Crew Printed Umbrella is such a chic way to ward of Spring and Summer showers! Of course, there is also the Juicy Couture Island Umbrella that is clear with islands on it, but it just isn't as chic looking-it actually looks cheap, but costs way more. Sometimes, umbrellas can look a bit dorky or boring, but with this umbrella, you'll look cuter! It costs $38.

This Kate Spade Cape Cod East West Heddy is just adorable! Never mind I have never been to Cape Cod or have any idea whatsoever what a "heddy" is, I just love the lobsters! It looks like just the right size for a brush and makeup (or whatever you like to put in your makeup bag) for beach trips and even school. I just really, really want it- but I doubt I am going to spend the $50 for an itsy-bitsy bag that practically nobody will see (I don't apply makeup in front of anybody except maybe lip gloss, it's a given rule), but I still adore it.

Hope You Loved It!
Here's to Summer!!!
Love Ya,

Monday, May 07, 2007

Hermés Hippo Locks: Need I Say More? Okay, Yes! How Very Random!

Okay, as you somehow might have gathered, this post is basically about these adorable little locks by Hermés. That I adore and want, like really, really bad. Anyways, don't you think that the idea to make these locks hippos are so creative and/or a bit wierd? And don't you think that the hippo that I pictured is just hilarious? I much prefer the silver-toned hippo- the gold one looks a bit too "Pimp My Ride-Meets-Juicy Couture" for me. This post is seeming quite a bit pointless, isn't it? Anyways, here is the silver-plated hippo:

Much classier, right? From Pimpin' in Juicy Couture to WASP East Coast adorable-ness, this was a much needed transformation! I wonder if they went to Extreme Makeover? (ALERT: This post has become completely pointless and utterly stupid with that last comment...and trust me, I did NOT, repeat NOT think it was funny).

"Do ya' chains hang low..." No, just kidding!!! But doesn't this remind you of that song? This is another Hermés lock, but it is actually Pegasus. Not a Hippo. Duh. Anyways, I prefer the Hippo so much better, don't you? And I really don't think Pegasus would appreciate being treated like a prize, she was a girl Pegasus, you know. Oh, and I officially changed my mind: This is the most random post ever created. And, I say adorable and random and okay way too much. Also, don't you think that the boy's face makes him look a bit snotty?

Hope You Loved It!