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Saturday, January 27, 2007

To Make Up For My Last Post...

To make up for my wierd and stupid last post (but hilarious, too!), here is a post of the things I'm "lovin' and just a coupla' things I'm hatin' ". From Lucky to Yucky (You'll see what I mean...) here are my 's and Less than 's:

The highly desirable Lucky Brand bracelet is adorable, in a bohemian/hippie sort of way. I'm really dying for one, and I'm proceeding to go to the mall to buy myself one tomorrow. Also, I love the message that the bracelet sends, everyone should live in love.

I am really loving anything Joie, from the brand's sweats, cargos, cardigans, I just love everything. Everything can be worn to the mall or restaurant (even the sweats, I swear) or to even a SAT. FYI: Check sales in ShopBop and Saks, for best Joie steals.

Haven't you noticed that this is the 2nd "hippie" thing I've put on my Love list? I swear I'm not a hippie- not that there is anything wrong with it...just, I'm saying I definetely DON'T have dreadlocks...okay? Anyways, this is the much publicized Rudraksh Mala Meditation Beads that Nicole Richie wears like EVERY day.

This awesome book is the guide to any girl's life, with excerpts from Heidi to Manolo, this is a must-have for me!!! Even the cover looks so cute and it reminds me of frosted buttermilk, actually.


Personalized money clips. Do I have to say anything more? Oh yeah, T-to-the-ACKY!!!
Hope You Loved It!
Luv Ya,

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Golden Globes: The Hot...and the Not!!!

The Golden Globes this year were full of surprises, from America Ferrera's (from Ugly Betty) tear-wrenching Golden Globe winning speech that got basically the whole audience to cry, to Prince's Golden Globe win where Justin Timberlake made fun of Prince's diminutive height by crouching down. Of course, the fashions were for the most part, spectacular, except for some that were just plain old bad. Here's the Bad:

The minute I saw this dress, I thought of the costumes of that Disney Channel movie about the 3 witches that I always forget the name of. Anyway, even though I admire Cate Blanchett so much as an actress, I've never been fond of her fashion choices. That yellow dress with the burgundy sash she wore last year? The Alexander McQueen featured here? Really, it looks all wrong, especially because of the tiered hem, and not to mention her age. I do though, like that she takes risks in fashion and has fun with it...unlike the next actress:

The fit of this dress was not good at all, basically because Teri Hatcher is just too skinny and has basically just lost her charm. This dress is an example she is trying to look younger every day...

Ummm...can you say ewww? FYI Beyonce, you were in Dreamgirls, not Showgirls!!! Too much sequins, gold, and skin, this dress is the perfect example of too much of a good thing gone horribly wrong. The pose didn't help either. The dress was Elie Saab, which featured some gorgeous dresses, so why did she have to pick this one?

Do I have to say anything? Nicolette, wer'e not in Kansas anymore; so you better take off that Southern Belle coming-out party dress before...before...I don't know, something bad happens!

The Good:

This dress is probably the most controversial dress of the Golden Globes, so of course I have a strong opinion on it! I actually love it, the Valentino dress' black satin sash across the puffs of tulle, the red lips...Cameron Diaz doesn't need Justin, her fashion choices are just fine without him!

This dress is definitely a winner for me, in the sense that she took a break from Juicy Sweatsuits, impossibly large fur pieces, and her "Jenny from the Block" look; and opted for a much more demure and classic-elegance look from the "It" brand Marchesa.

This Ungaro dress was to die for on Eva Longoria, the purple/navy sheath complimented her skin tone and makeup perfectly too. She kept her updo from looking too prom-queen by leaving it loose, but not in a gelled curls hanging out of your bangs way, either.

Sienna Miller went for one of the best dresses of the night that I just adore SO why did she have to ruin the look with that hair? I really just feel like putting the little censored squares over her head because without her hair, everything is just so perfect! This Marchesa dress had the "look" of the night and the upcoming season...Grecian (like I said it was coming again in my 50th post!) and a hint of Roman Empire, too. I'll call it Rocian!

Hope You Loved My Red-Carpet Edition Post!
Luv Ya,

Monday, January 15, 2007

I'm Back, Back, Back...(In Yellow, Not in Black)

HI!!! I'm sorry for being out of the whole "blogger" thing for so long, but I'm back and better than ever! Even though I had no time whatsoever to "blog" (I've been moving and they took away my computer in favor of the boxes), I did hit some Winter sales- and let's just say I didn't come out empty handed. I bought from the Saks sale, a cute olive Joie cardigan with big buttons, and some cute cargos in olive from the same brand for a very good price. I moved on to Abercrombie and bought a white tank top with navy sailor stripes running across it, and a basic white long-sleeved henley, for very good prices, too. I was also about to buy my brother a super-cool bomber khaki jacket that I would proceed to steal from him every chance I got, but there was only like XXL and that was way to big. Anyway, here are some awesome things I am eyeing but will probably never get the chance to buy from Winter sales:

I know it looks wierd and all, but it is cute. It obviously does not apply to Spring at all, but for next Winter or the remaining of this Winter it's adorable. And if you still don't think this La Rok vest for $167 would do you any good, take a look at this one:
Feel better about the vest? Thought so. (No offense to those who actually like it, I guess I should make peace with you eskimos. No just kidding! Haha!)

For some wierd reason I was sort of drawn to this flowy top. I guess because I LOVE comfortable but fashionable things, and this jersey material looks very comfy. The silky band at the bust looks very fashionable and trendy (but not too trendy) as well. It's the Akiko Pleated Tunic for $73.
This Ella Moss tube dress is super functional because of its neutral color, and the fact you can wear it as a skirt, too! I love empire waisted dresses like these; and the eyelet at the bottom looks adorable. It's $87 from Shop Bop while the others above are from Girl Shop ( I know, confusing...or maybe I'm just a dork and nobody else finds it confusing...Gawd, how embarassing!)

I adore this Rachel Leigh wings necklace for $101.50 from Shop Bop (yes...haha) because I feel that it just blends rock n' roll (did I really just say that?) and femininity really well in a coast-to-coast way. In other words, I can imagine it on Mary-Kate as well as Jessica Simpson...NY to LA.
Hope You LOVED it!
Luv Ya (,

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Upcoming: Spring 2007-Ready To Wear (and Ready to Party, I just HAD to add that)

Yes, I know, we're still in January and I'm already saying the new upcoming Spring trends. It's not MY fault, why do designers send their clothes off on the runway so early? That was rhetorical, by the way. Think of it this way...more time to shop! And who disagrees with that? But anyway, all of the sought-after looks I'm featuring are shown in adorable mini-dresses that just scream Spring (!). Well, there isn't really much more to say so here are my favorites of Spring in mini-dress form:

Fringe is definetely "in" again, bordering everything from flowy minidresses to metallic clutches and not looking "western-cowboy supposed ahem chic" at all! Another big upcoming trend for Spring is big outrageously obnoxious amounts of cobalt blue in everyone's wardrobe. Now that "outrageously obnoxious" came to mind, what do you people really think of Uggs? I know, not exactly a future Times article or anything, but I just really want to know. Anyway, moving on.
Yellow definitely does not have to be mellow on the runway! Both Lanvin and Malandrino chose to include extravagant stand-out yellow dresses as well as many, many other designers. From highlighter, acid yellow tones to mellower, creamier yellows; yellow really is the IT color of the season-it's the new black! No, I mean white, no grey, I mean...well whatever, you get it- it's basically the new neutral color for Spring.

I have always, since ever, adored sequins- for my 5th grade banquet I even saved up to buy one of those BCBG sequined silver boleros...they were 'in' okay? But anyway, for dresses, this spring is all about gold sequins; flashy and maybe a bit too Las Vegas showgirl but hey, who cares? Fashion is a risk, like Courtney Love is an Oop's. Anyway, the dresses are by Elie Saab, and are adorable. Say what you want about Sienna Miller (I love her) but she did start this trend in the first place!

The shirtdress, it's baaacck! For some reason, though, it looks different. I was going to say it looks more defined, like in Karl Lagerfeld and more tailored; but then Stella McCartney goes and creates this gorgeously loose no ironing or tailoring necessary shirtdress. I guess this Spring shirtdresses are left to the extremes-Stella, all the way to Karl.

Hope You Adored It!
Luv Ya,