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Monday, January 15, 2007

I'm Back, Back, Back...(In Yellow, Not in Black)

HI!!! I'm sorry for being out of the whole "blogger" thing for so long, but I'm back and better than ever! Even though I had no time whatsoever to "blog" (I've been moving and they took away my computer in favor of the boxes), I did hit some Winter sales- and let's just say I didn't come out empty handed. I bought from the Saks sale, a cute olive Joie cardigan with big buttons, and some cute cargos in olive from the same brand for a very good price. I moved on to Abercrombie and bought a white tank top with navy sailor stripes running across it, and a basic white long-sleeved henley, for very good prices, too. I was also about to buy my brother a super-cool bomber khaki jacket that I would proceed to steal from him every chance I got, but there was only like XXL and that was way to big. Anyway, here are some awesome things I am eyeing but will probably never get the chance to buy from Winter sales:

I know it looks wierd and all, but it is cute. It obviously does not apply to Spring at all, but for next Winter or the remaining of this Winter it's adorable. And if you still don't think this La Rok vest for $167 would do you any good, take a look at this one:
Feel better about the vest? Thought so. (No offense to those who actually like it, I guess I should make peace with you eskimos. No just kidding! Haha!)

For some wierd reason I was sort of drawn to this flowy top. I guess because I LOVE comfortable but fashionable things, and this jersey material looks very comfy. The silky band at the bust looks very fashionable and trendy (but not too trendy) as well. It's the Akiko Pleated Tunic for $73.
This Ella Moss tube dress is super functional because of its neutral color, and the fact you can wear it as a skirt, too! I love empire waisted dresses like these; and the eyelet at the bottom looks adorable. It's $87 from Shop Bop while the others above are from Girl Shop ( I know, confusing...or maybe I'm just a dork and nobody else finds it confusing...Gawd, how embarassing!)

I adore this Rachel Leigh wings necklace for $101.50 from Shop Bop (yes...haha) because I feel that it just blends rock n' roll (did I really just say that?) and femininity really well in a coast-to-coast way. In other words, I can imagine it on Mary-Kate as well as Jessica Simpson...NY to LA.
Hope You LOVED it!
Luv Ya (,


Blogger Maddy said...

That's my favorite incarnation of the angel wing necklace that I've seen yet. If so many tacky celebs didn't have one, I would be tempted to splurge for it myself.

6:45 PM  
Blogger molly said...

i LOVE the vest...weird is rad!

5:55 PM  

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