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Monday, November 13, 2006

LOVE-ing Sweater Dresses...

Okay, I'm sorry for my under zero postage...I've been stumped with mounds of homework-usually science- ew! Sorry for you science lovers out there but science is just NOT my style! Anyway, I just went on a trip to NYC for my birthday and saw the Phantom of the Opera (the best Broadway play ever, in my opinion) and oh yeah, I so did cry- but not as much as the guy sitting next to me! Now that was comedy! I bought the CD, I'm a dork, I know. I saw the Rockefeller, Radio City Music Hall, and uh-huh (yes, I still say uh-huh)- lots of tons of shopping! My favorite of all the stores was definetely Anthropoligie, my new all time favorite store! As soon as my mom and me went in, it was at first sight! Yes, I know I did love the Soho shops, street corner vendors- where I scored fabulous $5 intricately woven earrings by the way!- and my C-list celebrity sightings (I saw Sean Lennon, John Lennon's son and Paris Hilton's aunt from her mom's side, the one that appeared in the Simple Life episode with the big hispanic family), but nothing beat that store! I loved the variety of little French labels, modern accessories, gorgeous house wares- everything to for!! Before I go into my favorite thing that I bought, can you believe Leith's blog "You Know You Love It" is not going to keep going? I am seriously so shocked in a really bad way- it's one of those blogs I seriously check everyday! But in happier news, here is the fabulous thing I bought!:

I adore (yes, I put adore, not the little cutesy heart I put- lets just say it was too much of a good thing for this post) this dress/sweater! It is $98, by the way. Okay, the picture here really does not do this dress justice- reminds me of my 2nd grade school picture- it wasn't my fault I had P.E. before the photos! I was just sooo much cuter than that!, But anyways, off subject! For the play, I wore this dress with black leggings, black leather bow-tie flats, a plaid headband with navy in it, and a plaid belt with my hair looked quite adorable. I don't mean to toot my own horn but...TOOT-TOOT! For the flight back home, I wore this dress with the same headband and leggings, but no belt and these super adorable flat boots- I may have even liked the second outfit more, it just looked so NYC eclectic! The boots were tall and chestnut brown suede with a foldover at the tops of the boots in dark brown leather...they are cute!

Two more things I'm loving from Anthropoligie for Fall and Winter:

This cardigan is super great and cute for layering or just putting an adorable camisole or tee underneath when it isn't that cold. I just love that print, but I forgot what it's called...hmmm...Anyway, it's the Jabberwocky Cardigan for $148, pricey but nicey! No idea where that came from. Pay no attention to it whatsoever.

The reason I picked this dress was to show a huge upcoming trend I've been seeing- you heard it HERE first, to set the record straight: voluminous skirts on dresses with what it seems as a straight or pencil skirt underneath. It makes thunder thighs and hips seem non-existent because it just proportions everything out...who doesn't love that? It is the Jazz Club Dress for $168- no wierd stuff coming out this time!


Hope You Adored It!
Luv Ya,


Anonymous willa said...

Hi! So glad to see another post from you. Um, I may be going to NYC and I'm wondering where your favourite locations were to shop, which places had the best and most affordable shops and things like that?

6:17 PM  
Blogger Geisha said...

Well, definetely go to Billy's Bakery on Chelsea for the best cupcakes you could ever imagine. Go to Aeropostale by Rockefeller, definetely! Be sure to stop by streetcorner stands for super cute stuff at prices that are just WOW! in Soho and by Central Park. In Soho, got to Scoop NYC and while your already there, go to the Uniqlo store next to Scoop for awesome stuff, REALLY cheap prices! And last thing in Soho: there, right by Uniqlo is a streetcorner stand with amazing earrings and jewelry! It's easy to not notice it, so I'm telling you: I got amazing one-of-a-kind earrings for $5 a pop! LUV that!

p.s.- Make sure to go to a broadway play if u can!

7:13 PM  
Blogger Geisha said...

SRY! Thought I'd let u know it is not Anthropoligie, but Anthropologie...

sry again,

4:06 PM  
Blogger dusk&summer said...

Whoa someones giddy!! lol Love your new dress, the outfits you wore sound awesome. but why do you gotta make me jealous? lol I wanna go to NYC!!

ps- lol we knew it was ones mean enough to correct you tho :P

4:14 PM  
Blogger marinamode said...

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Marina (from France)

6:21 AM  
Blogger Geisha said...

*Oh my god!! Sorry, willa NOT Aeropostale...Anthropologie...gosh, I'm a ditz!!!

9:10 PM  
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