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Sunday, August 20, 2006

Ballet Flats That Are Absolutely Adorable!

Okay, I sort of hinted by the title that this is a post about these adorable ballet flats. Yeah. Well, I got inspired because I just went to Marshalls and bought these black shiny-ish (not so much to be patent) leather ballets. They are adorable with these cute little tiny bows in the front, and the best part was that they were at a great price of $24.99 being Kenneth Cole and all...but, the clothes were completely and utterly horrible!! I mean there are those people that go into one of those outlets or so called "vintage stores" and come out with this adorable Rachel Bilson esque frock that fits. I go into one of them and either find a. nothing, b. horribly stained in the pits rags that are soooo not vintage! or c. nothing. So it was really a miracle that I found them and they fit, being that I'm toe-claustrophobic and all. Anyway, the whole point was to show the cutest ballets I have ever seen, being that they are so Sienna Miller, who I have always loved since like ever. They are these that can be found at W Hotels the Store or the Sue London site:
I LOVE them!!! If you want them in the color Slate (shown), get them at the W Hotels the Store website for $120, a far cry from my $24.99's but whatever. If you want them in the new Fall colors (look at the Alaskan Gold for a flowy white dress and Lava for everyday wear) get them at the Sue London site for also $120. Don't you just love that they are foldable? Perfect for traveling, and doing ummm... everything?!

Luv Ya,