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Friday, August 04, 2006

Plumpin' It

Okay, even though most people would say "NO!" in horror if you asked if they would use a lip plumper, a lot of them and others would in reality definetely use them. Like i'm sure you would absoulutely hate, just hate, if you were born with Angelina Jolie's or Scarlett Johansson's pout or some other person who has a plumped pucker (that sounded sort of cool, plumped pucker, plumped pucker, haha!). So I decided to do a post about lip plumpers...No injections needed!!

I decided to start with Duwop's Lip Vemom because it's the one I read in every magazine that actually does plumping. Another thing is that I actually tried it and even though it stung a bit (try a lot) I did see a significant plumping factor and the shape of my lips was bigger to create that "bee-stung" look. It's $16 at Sephora ( all the others are from Sephora, too) (by the way, it's also glossy so it leaves your lips makeup'd at the same time).

An even better alternative, for my taste, is Duwop's Pink Shimmer Lip Vemom that has the same everything as the original but with a light reflecting cute pink color. It costs just a buck more at $17.

Next is Fusion Beauty's Lip Fusion XL that looks pretty good, on account that it's actually been the best selling lip plumper in Sephora since it came out. What you do is you put it on before bed, and "miraculously" wake up with quote "the most intensely plump, firm, hydrated, and full-out sexy lips you've ever known - naturally!" The cool thing is that it's basically a collagen injection in a bottle without the injection (do'h!) and costs way less at $50 that isn't cheap, but if it works just as well (or maybe a bit less but still significant) it's not that bad.

If you want to try Lip Fusion without the "treatment" part, try Fusion Beauty's Lip Fusion Color Shine that comes in loads of different colors and supposedely plumps in seconds, and you can apply whenever you want (plus: it lasts up to 48 hours!!!) Each tube is $36 (clear color) or $38 ( all the other real colors).
My favorite shade is definetely "Sexy":
I love lip glosses with those "candy apple" shades, they are sooo cute!

Then there's the Too Faced Lip Injection that looks pretty good judging by the brand and all of the celebrity clientele it has! It is supposedely a "secret weapon against puny, lifeless lips" (that was a quote!) and even though it says it does have a significant "tingle" (tingle = burn in the lip plumping business), quote of the ad: "Sweetie it's so worth it!" It costs $18.50 and comes in clear as well as 3 neutral-ish colors that look cute, too.

If you want to go all out with this lip plumping business, try Too Faced Lip Injection Extreme Plumping Collection that comes with the original Lip injection (in its original size!) as a sort of base to work with, the Lip Injection Extreme for a more long term plumping treatment, the Lip Injection Mask that is like a scrub that exfoliates your lips, and to top it all off, the Technocolor Lip Plumping Gloss that is the finishing touch. The whole set is a great deal at $29.50 for everything. Plus, the packaging is just so darn adorable!

My last one is for those that get creeped out with the thought of collagen messing with their lips, or just don't want to go through that awful sting and thought there was nothing out there. Well there is and it's from the ultra-fabulous Benefit! It's the Lip Plump that actually doesn't do much to your lips at all, except just filling out the lines and creases you have and making the contour of your lips look more defined, resulting in a faux-plumped look. It costs $20, by the way.

Hope You Loved It!!!
Luv Ya,


Anonymous London Beauty said...

Its true, these days people just don't want to admit their flaws!! And you are just soooo wity in saying it. I have skinny lips, and lip plumpers are a dream to me!! great blog, good work, and keep on blogging, because without ur blog I am left soooo utterly bored!

3:34 PM  
Anonymous Hollywood Starlet said...

I love lip lumpers...ur so right in all of em...u never did the hollywood faves beauty post, though-please do it!!!!

5:41 PM  
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