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Sunday, August 13, 2006

Vegan Cosmetics

Even though I am not a vegan or vegetarian (even though I did think about it after seeing Finding Nemo yesterday), a ton of people are these days and I know it is very hard to find good quality makeup that is vegan. So I'm doing a post about not only vegan cosmetics; but of hair supplies, accessories, and even some stuff for Fido! Here it is:

A website I really love for everything vegan ( it even includes vegan deodorants) is Vegan Unlimited (it's the best site for this lifestyle), but I adore the makeup it has! All of the makeup has quality, and is long lasting, some even say vegan lipsticks are better because they have no artificial ingredients so they glide on ultra creamy...Here are my picks from the website:
This Auromère Herbal Toothpaste is made out of all natural ingredients that are excavated and examined over and over, when in reality it is just toothpaste! But whatever it's good for people with sensitive teeth and the packaging looks pretty Ricola. It's $4.50 which isn't that bad considering how much work they put into them.
This Vegan Curdoroy Dog Collar is adorable! I love that it looks like the collars the 101 Dalmatians wore. So if you have a Dalmatian, get this collar, your dog will look very fly. It costs $24.00.

For those who are looking for their daily sunscreen, this one would be good because it has SPF 30 and I read in Teen Vogue the other day, that that is a really good SPF number and you really shouldn't go lower than that. An added plus is that it's sweat+water proof you you don't look like milk is coming out of your pores. It's Terrasport for $9.99.

A great shampoo and conditioner duo I found on this website was the Max Green Alchemy Scalp Rescue pair. Supposedely it's great for all types of hair and they really help dandruff and extreme dryness in the scalp. The ending result is Pantene commercial- style hair. They cost $14.00.

I really love the Vegan cosmetics line Zuzu Luxe for its quality, smooth gliding make-up, and everything is long-lasting. The most popular lipstick on the whole site is this one by the brand $13.99 that is infused with all natural ingredients for smooth un-chapped lips (it's basically an extremely colored lip balm). I am also loving the blush colors (check out the blush brush here) for $15.95 and the eyeliner for $10.45 especially in the shade Iguana. Lastly my fave for the brand is definitely the mascara because who doesn't love mascara? It's $12.95.

There is a bunch of more stuff in the site, so be sure to check it out!!!
I didn't realy like the bags in Vegan Unlimited though, so what better luxury bag retailer to go to that is vegan than Stella McCartney? I loved these two:

These two bags by Stella McCartney are two of my favorites of the bags coming out this season. She just makes denim and faux-leather look so chic! They are the Large Traveler for $995 and the Patent Shopper for $765.

Hope You Loved It!!!
Luv Ya,


Blogger Money Miss said...

OMG!!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!! I WILL SO LINK THIS POST AT MY VEGETARIANFASHIONISTA.BLOGSPOT.COM BLOG. Seriously, that rocks. I've had real trouble finding some good make-up. :)

5:19 PM  
Blogger Princess Rainbow Star said...

way helpful...

im a vegeitarian myself

Another suburban living fashion lover

5:28 PM  
Blogger Hill said...

luh-ve the two bags. like seriously, LOVE them. =)

6:55 PM  
Anonymous Cindy said...

I love ZuZu Luxe, it is so awesome and so luxurious. The purses are great. You have to watch some of Stella's stuff though, because not only of it is vegan or vegetarian. Matt and Nat are another big name brand that make only vegan purses and I love them.

8:21 PM  
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