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Saturday, August 26, 2006

I Know it's Way Too Early But...

Okay, even though some of you haven't even started school yet (!) I'm going to do a post about these two perfect dresses for prom. I know it sounds crazy but whatever I feel like it! These dresses are short so these are not for the Southern Belles that want to look like "a vision in tulle" but for the girls who are a bit more like Rachel Bilson maybe. Anyway, here it is, and I hope you it!

Aren't these dresses just perfectly gorgeous in a Marissa of the O.C. kind of way? I just adore them, so it sucks (a lot!!) that they costs $3410 (the ivory) and $3660 (the black one) by Chloe, but those of you that can afford them...Oh, and definetely wear them with either sky high pumps a' la Christian Louboutin (get great look-a-likes at Nine West or Urban Outfitters; but then again, if you can buy the dress, you can probably buy the Louboutins!) or some foldable ballet flats that are so comfortable and perfect to dance in. I love these two by Nine West:

These slippers are the Luvmyflats Folding Ballet Flats for $49 and come in an array of colors like this patent red that I adore for the outfit and even a gold specked silver that I adore period.

These would also look positively gorgeous with the outfit, but since they aren't real, and you won't buy the Louboutins while wearing a Chloe (!), you are just better off wearing the polka-dotted GO:International Luella Bartley strapless dress you bought a couple months ago. The flats are completely okay though! If you don't care what people are going to think, they cost a good $89.

Oh by the way, definetly top it all of with some layered pearls (maybe Chanel?)

Luv Ya,