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Friday, November 24, 2006

Watch Me! Watches

I am really dying for a watch! The last watch I had was a black leather and silver Fossil, and before that, a long line of huge plastic Baby-G's. Not my most fashionable stage! But anyway, I am really loving modern watches (I've never been into pearl/gold delicate watches) in patent leather, the colors being all white or with a little silver, or being very colorful like the new Swatch designs a lot of my friends have. I'm in between these two brands of they are:

First Up: I posted these watches by Marc by Marc Jacobs a while back and have been coveting the white one ever since! I seriously LOVE the white patent modern feel of it...and it's $50 cheaper than when I posted it first at $150! On the other hand, the necklace is uber-cute, but I don't imagine myself buying it- by the way, it's $125.

These adorable watches are by Harajuku Lovers- Gwen Stefani...I LOVE THEM!!! Now I hate this, because I hate choices- I, like everyone else, just rather have it all! No just kidding, but really, I'm in a huge slump! Instead of putting "Oh, like your blog-watches are cute" put which out of all the Harajuku Lovers watches and the white Marc by Marc watch you like the best! I mean, these are just my favorites...go to the website or Nordstrom (search: harajuku lovers, and then refine your search to only watches, and look- I don't like the first 6, the last 7 I adore!) and see the rest...chances are, either you'll be drooling with happiness, or hating em'- acquired taste is what it's called. Very Gwen!!!!

Hope You Loved It!!!

Luv Ya,



Anonymous Anonymous said...

For me, at least, I would totally pick the Harajuku lovers- the MJ one is just too blah!

5:23 PM  
Anonymous Nicolette said...

Hi I like ur blog! Can u do a new post...ur blog is necessary! LOL!

6:23 PM  
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