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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Happy 68th Anniversary Post! *Squeal*

Do you my new banner or what? And please do not say "or what" in response...that joke is older than yo' momma! (Okay, there is me trying to make a funny joke while making fun of a joke...obviously that was a failed attempt!) Anyways, I am sort of really loving a lot of things, and here are my top 3 (I'm not really hating anything right now, except the hoardes of girls trying to be in "The Clique" movie...):


I was completely adoring Penelope Cruz's Atelier Versace gown the minute I saw it, the whole look was just so right! She could defienetly pull this off, not only because of her beauty, but because she kept everything so simple and chic on the top (no huge Kiera Knightley Bulgari necklaces here) except gorgeous diamond studs. The color was great, and it sort of reminded me of Charlize Theron's powder blue Dior from awhile back- but not in a copy-cat way!

GO Divorced Reese!! Woo-hoo! Okay, is it just me, or is Reese Witherspoon better-then-ever after that divorce? And where is Ryan Phillipe? Ha-ha! I think we can all see who "won" after the divorce. The haircut looks awesome on her, and this dress and the past "post-divorce" dress (yellow adorable one) were specatacular as well.

Lastly, I am adoring short, side-banged hair, like I just got cut...WOO-HOO! For the past couple of years, I have had one length, long, average-jane hair...I really needeed a change! So now, it is just past my shoulders with a super cute side-bang. The only con is I have to straighten it, since I have wavy-ish hair, but since it's short, it just takes about 20 minutes which is a sacrifice I am so willing to do!

I Hope You Loved It!
Aloha! (Okay no, that sounded so dorky I can't even imagine...)
Luv Ya,

Friday, February 23, 2007

To Juicy or To Not Juicy? Or Maybe Tiffany's?

I haven't really posted a lot lately for one main reason: I'm just not getting inspiration...and I'm not the type to publish crap-ola!
But anyways, I am just really adoring Juicy Couture lately, from last post's earrings to now the new sterling silver collection bracelet. This Signature Puffed Heart Padlock Bracelet for $175 is great and looks really elegant, but I found that the signature "Return to Tiffany's" bracelet in silver is just ten dollars more for $185 here. And I sort of prefer the elegance of Tiffany's, because it sort of makes the Juicy stuff look garish and trendy, not classic and refined at all. The earrings from last post were adorable, though, even though WARNING: they are small...but at least I like my earrings to be small.

Another Juicy Couture item I am loving is the Juicy "Rose" flats for $150 shown here:

Aren't they great? Or maybe I'm just in a great mood because I'm listening to my absolute favorite song "Dancing With Myself" from Billy Idol that I know all the words to. By the way, I'm listening to it in the movie Flushed Away- yes I'm watching Flushed Away. And, yes they feature "Dancing With Myself". Anyways, I just really love these shoes because they look so comfy and fun with jeans, dresses, anything! But remember to order a size up- I tried them on in the mall, and the size 8 fit instead of my usual size 7. Oh, and I just adore them in black.

(AKA: Awesomest movie. Ever.)
Hope You Loved It!
Luv Ya,

Friday, February 16, 2007

Outfit To Be Wearing While Groovin' To "Hurt" by Christina Aguilera

Okay, I know that nowadays every post I've done starts with an "I beg for forgiveness" letter, but I'm busy! I mean with homework, friends (It's not my fault they are entertaining!) and family (ditto!) it is hard to post. But, since I love it I keep on going...does this sound like a total sob story? It probably does, so I'll just start with the post now. See those gaw-geous earrings on the left? (or is it right? I always get confused!!! If I would get a tattoo [which sorry, but I won't] I would tattoo an R for right and a L for left on each corresponding hand...tacky, but I'll always remember!) The earrings are (obviously) Juicy Couture, the ones I just bought in that same exact color. These are silver with gold details, but it also comes in gold with silver deatils which is pretty, but I prefer the silver. They just look so chic, and I seriously need new studs that aren't my pearls. I mean I have my trusty fake diamond studs and everything, but I don't know...the pearls are just so much prettier. By the way, I'm really thinking about buying myself a pearl necklace...I'm just not sure wether I want it flapper-20's-style-long, or if I prefer it to be short and rounder. FYI: That will probably be my next post. Anyways, I'm going for a preppy, very chic look here, so I would wear these earrings with the following items:
This super-adorable Lacoste Polo Dress for $140 would look so Palm Beach Country Club meets LA downtown comfort with the earrings and some silvery-goldish ballet flats and a cute handbag. You could always go all LC from The Hills and wear short-strand rounded pearls with it, too.
Hope You Loved My Short, But Promising Post!
Luv Ya,

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Confections + Dresses = LOVE

Okay, my last post inspired me to do a post all about my favorite confections/sweets/baked things and what dresses of the season they remind me of. From Southern Red Velvet cake, to butterscotch can notice I have quite a bit of a sweet tooth! Anyway, here it is- starting with Red Velvet Cakes!

This Red Velvet Cake from Billy's Bakery is "A Southern delicacy. A moist, deep red cake flavored with a hint of cocoa..." and looks completely delicious! I adore the icing, too.

This adorable dress looks great on anybody in just the right way, it flatters your hips and thighs, and emphasizes your waist as well. The color is just as rich and satin-y as Red Velvet cake, and it even looks better on! Dumb joke, I know. The best part is you can get this As U Wish Taffeta Party Dress for only $68 at Nordstrom-so now you can buy your red velvet cake and eat it too! (better joke). You can finally literally, paint the town red! (Best joke)

Icebox Cake!

This Ice Box cake, courtesy of Billy's Bakery, combines "sweetened whipped cream, accents of vanilla, and layers of crispy chocolate wafers..."which sounds pretty good, if you ask me! Ivory and Ebony never sounded so yummy!

The simplicity of this dress added with the unexpected details like the embroidery really make this a classic in anybody's wardrobe. You can dress it down with flats and cute, small jewelry to go to the mall or a daytime restaurant, or you can pair it with fun wedges or heels with a cute clutch to go out on thee town at night. This dress captures the black/white appeal of the cake, and the sweetness, too!

These by Billy's Bakery are my number one recommendation for anyone planning on going to the Big Apple, NYC. They are available in yellow daisy or chocolate cake with your choice of vanilla or chocolate buttercream, or you can go for something unexpected like Red Velvet or Coconut.

I chose this dress to represent the cupcakes because of it's fun, sweet, colorful attitude that you see in plain view. I love how red-orange and navy blue look together, and with the added white and polka dots? I really need this dress! Plus, the A-line silhouette makes the dress look classic and cute instead of too funky or wierd.

Butterscotch Candy!

Brach's Butterscotch Candies satisfy any sweet tooth, when you don't have time to bake or buy cupcakes or brownies, which is usually the case. They taste buttery, but with a touch of honey, so they taste sweet but not too sweet. Another great brand for Butterscotch candies is Werther's.

This ethereal dress looks so flowy, adorable and confection-y, I really want this dress!!! The satin band and lightweight mesh skirt give it such a sweet appeal, that I would just wear it with everything! The problem is, I already want these super cute Gap flats, and these adorable Keds slip-ons, as well as a button-down shirt, and lastly, this new bathing suit I reecntly saw in a boutique. Guess I have to wait...anyway, it's Necessary Objects and is $58.
Hope You Loved My Super Sweet Post (Not Sixteen or Quince, or whatever you celebrate)
Luv Ya,

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

SS07 Marchesa...Can You Say "The Most Adorable Collection Ever Created in the History of the History of the World? (Not 5 Times Fast, But...)

Okay, well, I'm back...I feel sort of guilty for not posting in awhile, but homework has seriously been overloading/cramping my style and time, and to top it all off (not exactly icing on a cake, though) my internet didn't work for like a week. So, anyways, now that my apology message is done...let's PARTY! No, just kidding, but I can say that I have the Lucky Brand bracelet after seriously begging and pleading for it with my friends; at the end, he finally gave in. Marchesa's Spring 2007 Collection has been out for awhile, but it is not until now that I seriously cannot live without it in my mind. The rosettes? Gorgeous. The ruffles? Adorable! Here are the best outfits I saw on the runway:

These two dresses are seriously creeping me out: they answered my dress dreams perfectly. I adore confection-y ruffled dresses that are really just sweet. Marchesa just played it off so well, that I just don't get tired of just looking at them. By the way, the rosettes in the whole collection were an awesome touch even if they did copy poor Angela from Project Runway.
I love these two strapless detailed dresses for the angelic/not-so-angelic vibes they give off. The detailing on them are just not comparable to other dresses, and the lengths are just right without going overboard...Britney style. Is it just me or is the first model suffering from candy-cane striped (fake-tan) legs? And also, doesn't the second dress remind you of the winning dress in the Project Runway episode of the figure skater? The designer was that woman that had a wierd alter ego...yeah.
I need that gown for prom. Maybe by the time I do get to go to prom, it will be available at Cantury 21 for like a 1/4 of the price...maybe. Century 21: A store in NYC that sells designer stuff that either didn't make it to the racks (de-fected!) or was too ugly it didn't sell in stores- but, sometimes you can find cute things...anyways, I doubt it. This dress has one of the most gorgeous colors I've ever laid my eyes on, and the chiffon looks so elegant. Now I've wrote too much for the first dress, so all I'm going to say about the jeweled black strapless (which I completely adore) is...(horn toots, drum rolls) ditto.
Cheers to Marchesa ISN'T Cheesy,
Hope You Loved It!
Luv Ya,