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Friday, February 23, 2007

To Juicy or To Not Juicy? Or Maybe Tiffany's?

I haven't really posted a lot lately for one main reason: I'm just not getting inspiration...and I'm not the type to publish crap-ola!
But anyways, I am just really adoring Juicy Couture lately, from last post's earrings to now the new sterling silver collection bracelet. This Signature Puffed Heart Padlock Bracelet for $175 is great and looks really elegant, but I found that the signature "Return to Tiffany's" bracelet in silver is just ten dollars more for $185 here. And I sort of prefer the elegance of Tiffany's, because it sort of makes the Juicy stuff look garish and trendy, not classic and refined at all. The earrings from last post were adorable, though, even though WARNING: they are small...but at least I like my earrings to be small.

Another Juicy Couture item I am loving is the Juicy "Rose" flats for $150 shown here:

Aren't they great? Or maybe I'm just in a great mood because I'm listening to my absolute favorite song "Dancing With Myself" from Billy Idol that I know all the words to. By the way, I'm listening to it in the movie Flushed Away- yes I'm watching Flushed Away. And, yes they feature "Dancing With Myself". Anyways, I just really love these shoes because they look so comfy and fun with jeans, dresses, anything! But remember to order a size up- I tried them on in the mall, and the size 8 fit instead of my usual size 7. Oh, and I just adore them in black.

(AKA: Awesomest movie. Ever.)
Hope You Loved It!
Luv Ya,


Blogger molly said...

i am the type to publish crap because i always post every day...quaninty over quality, i guess. well no. i just get a little nervous if i havent posted.

6:26 PM  
Anonymous lauren said...

Flushed Away is the absolute most best movie. Ever! I love it so much.

6:07 PM  
Blogger .m. said...

i say yes, dare to be juicy! love the flats, there is a white version with black writing that i think look hot

10:57 PM  
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