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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

My Most Ramdomest Post Ever, In Celebration of My 1 Year Blogger Birthday!

Hi! First I would just like to say sorry for my lack of posting, it's just that the last two posts I've been creating erased before I could publish them, so I pretty much got frustrated and quit. How positive of me. Anyways, I'm super happy I've finally made it to my blogger birthday (even though I think it is a day before this, but ssshhhh! Now I sound like one of those obnoxious kids in my library that sshhh me every time I even whisper or make the slightest noise. Great.) even though it is pretty sad a lot of blogs I loved and read almost every week have faded out. On a much lighter note (First I sound like the obnoxious-library-kids, and now I sound like my local news reporter with the comb-over! Great-er.) It's also coincidentally my 75th And sorry, but I'm not going to say who I sound like because three times is just annoying! I am really excited about this post (like you couldn't tell already) and... I Hope You It! It is...(drum-roll please) too-too-doo (that's a horn, not Carlos Mencia, by the way!):

My Absolute 's Now and Forever More!

Since I never really participated in that blogger game where you had to post 5 things about yourself, I'm pretty much going to do that now, but it will be about things I'm really adoring that are so now. Okay, well, here it is!:


Ever since I learned about this super hip brand from my uber-fabulous friend "anonymous" I've been just craving an item from there! In case you haven't heard yet, this Portuguese brand is all about either super-cuddly soft toys OR just-as-cuddly pillows that are not nearly as cute. Well, whatever. Anyways, I really would love one of the toys, or "stuffed creatures", they are sort of expensive for just being what they are. They cost 35 euros or about $47 (yes, I actually googled a currency converter for that). Here are my favorites:

Ms. Spinach and Ms. Oink are most definetely my favorites- I really think it is the cutesy pink that works for me! And, until April 1st, Ms. Oink is only 25 euros instead of 35 like Ms. Spinach is! Here are excerpts of each toy personality:

Ms. Spinach- "So cute you cannot believe your eyes. Dressed in lovely green houndstooth, with big bright-pink eyes, this girl is as yummy as a fresh raspberry spinach salad. A big fan of the spring time and quite green-fingered, Ms Spinach enjoys spending her time in her beautiful garden caring for her flowers, knitting candy-coloured camisoles, and riding her much adored poney, Lilly."

Ms. Oink- "All dressed up in pink tweed and ready to go is Ms Oink, the lovely female hog who likes nothing better than hit the shops for the latest trends, oink on her mobile with her friends and dip in her pool... Definitely no muddy spatters for this pig! Besides being all lovely and sweet, this girl has a soft spot for antiques, and can frequently be seen in markets searching for that perfect little something"


2. Flip Books:

This website was actually turned on to me by a friend, too (am I sounding more unoriginal by the second, or is it just me?) and I am currently actually trying to create one on/off while doing this post. It is so difficult! This website (on the link) lets you do like a collage/scrapbook/ slideshow of anything you want! Even though I feel like I'm having an anxiety attack when I can't position this or that just right, I oddly enough, just love it! I promise though, that when I actually can make a completed one, I will post a link on this blog. Pinkie Swear!

3. L'Occitane:

Ever since my mother started to buy the amazing vegetable scented soaps and creamy lotions from here, I've been addicted to this European store! My friends kid around with me about my shea butter balms and all but I seriously do NOT know how I would keep my lips from chapping without them. The really cute store comes in great packaging perfect for sweet gifts, too- if you have two left hands when it comes to wrapping like me. Oh, and I don't really have two left's a saying, I think. Try anything Gardenia scented too! Well, this is how the shea butter balm looks like (I highly recommend it!):

This balm costs $8.00, by the way...worth every penny, too!

4. Adorable, Quirky Supplies:

If you have no idea what I mean, I'll explain it to you: Basically, ladybug clips that are bookmarks, heart shaped post-its and stationary so cute that you just have to blurt out in your tiniest, whimpiest voice: "How cute!" or "Omigod how adorable!". Great places to find these things are Fred Flare, and sometimes random places like Borders (hence the ladybug magnetic bookmarks) and Target (sorry, no hence). Here are some things I definetely have my eye on for everyday supplies from Fred Flare:

These pencils come in a pack of ten and are erasable. Woo-hoo. Oh wait, something exciting...wait for it, wait for it, found it! (Okay how dorky was that) Each of these pencils come in a different gourmet scent like bubble gum, peppermint, and plenty of fruity, too! They cost $12, and even though I love them...wouldn't the scent get annoying? And what if you just had to use the brown but hate the root beer smell (AKA: Moi)? Would you have to pinch your nose? Little things that are important to think about before buying....

These mushroom stamps make you feel just like if you were in a cutesy cartoon like Winnie-the-Pooh, don't they? They look like the ones that little ladybugs use as umbrellas in cartoons, which just adds to the "I want that" appeal. One says "Bon Jour", and the other "Merci" which is French even though the makers are Japanese. Wierd. Anyways, they are $12 for both. No inkpad included!

5. Hearts and Love

Anything all lovey-dovey really is interesting to me now, even though stars used to be my favorite shape. Now, obviously, it's hearts! Love and peace also are tying into my "loves list" (love is under my Love List, haha). Ironically, I'm not even close to being a hippie. Anyways, hearts are just abnormally cute and adorable, and here are some things to crank up the love in your life:

This red heart paper-puncher makes me want to uncontrollably punch red construction paper into hearts, but when I think of it, I wouldn't know what to do with it all. Anyways, it is from Fred Flare and costs $3.99, which is quite a bargain.

This heart shaped measuring tape would look so cute just whipping it out of your purse and measuring something...your pick! As you know, I am definetely one for adorable-ness, and this measuring tape is full of it. It costs a pretty cheap $5...hey, it's better than those ugly yellow and black ones from Home Depot, right?

*Random Creation on Paint

Hope You Loved My Uber-Fabulous Post!
Luv Ya,

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Swimsuit Season Here I Come!!!

Who doesn't just love Spring and Summer? The gorgeous white sand/clear water least for people who live in an ocean state! Sorry Oklahomians!! And everybody knows that with beaches come bikinis which equals to= Swimsuit Season! But not everybody has to (or has the guts to) strut around in a bikini, so I'll mention atleast one-piece, as well as maybe a tankini...if, and only if I find a pretty one. From Juicy swimwear, to colorful Ralph Lauren bikinis, here are my faves for this season:

Aren't these just adorable? I completely love the tonal green and white stripes that look so Palm Beach with the contrasting light pink on the first one, and the hot pink and white are just to die for on the second one. They are just so cutesy, that they just might work! The bows are definetely a great touch for an otherwise average bikini. They are Juicy Couture and cost $66 for the tops (each, of course) and $70 for the bottoms (each...DUH!) at Bergdorf Goodman.

As most of you know by now (if you've ever read my blog) I love, love, adore mostly anything with a hint of preppy to it, such as a Lacoste polo or a Ralph Lauren ummm...anything! So this is why you might see that I'm in love with this swimsuit by who other than...(drum roll) Ralph Lauren!!! The blue shade that isn't quite navy nor blue makes it look great on mostly any skin tone, too. It is $60 for the top, and $45 for the bottom at Nordstrom.

I know this isn't my "usual" style at all, and at first glance I actually thought it was well, ugly. But when I just kept looking at it, it's really just adorable! The ruffly bottom is just the right amount of ruffly, and the top is just perfectly Betsey johnson with the cherries. Yes, this swimsuit is Betsey Johnson. Also, for those of you that are a bit too shy to don the cherry, you could always go for a regular red triangle/halter top to go with the adorable bottom. By the way, the top is $110 and the bottom is $90 at Nordstrom.

I told you I would find a gorgeous one-piece! And this Juicy Couture one really fits the bill. I mean it even has an equation: Adorable Marilyn style + slimming mini polka dots + super-slenderizing ruching detail at waist + just plain cute bow= perfect bathing suit!!! I really am in love, as you might notice, so not everybody has to work on that bikini body now until Summer, this one has got you covered (literally!).

Hope You Loved It!
Here's to Not Finding Pretty Tankinis!
Luv Ya,

Saturday, March 03, 2007

Mod: OUT! Futuristic: IN!

Hi! As you can sort of guess from my somewhat ditzy-sounding title, I am completely done warming up to Mod, and so loving anything futuristic! Many people consider the two to be almost like the same thing, but the two are completely different. Mod is much more short dresses, Go-Go white pleather boots, matching eyeliner, etc. while Futuristic is space-age, metallic, and clear lucite, etc. For example, the enameled plate necklaces and bracelets seen in the Fall 2007 Chanel fashion show were futuristic, NOT mod! Talking about mod, when will Sienna Miller's much-talked about movie, Factory Girl, come out? Oh well. It's not like I really care much anyway! Here are some gaw-geous futuristic pieces I've been eyeing...and yes, I include those awesome/tacky American Apparel metallic tights everyone has put on their blog (I can't break tradition, can I?):

Futuristic Stuff (Very original, I know):

Naturally, let me start off with the infamous tights. Or leggings. What is the difference between leggings and tights anyways? I sort of see this on a tacky pro wrestler called "The Crusher" or something or other who thinks that people don't know that the WWE is like a huge fake show. No offense to those who like WWE or anything, and I really apologize to those who didn't know about this awful "secret-y" truth. Actually, no I don't, it's about time you found out. I am just so off subject, it's actually funny! Anyways, I really think these tights are better suited for"The Crusher" than a normal person, but they were a fun piece to talk about anyway. They are lamé silver and cost $36, by the way.

These metallic Converse low-tops are just awesome. Oddly enough, they sell these at Gap, and I didn't even know until a little bit ago that they even selled any type of sneaker at Gap. They also come in a goldish-champagne color, but these are much better for the Spring and Summer months, the gold for Fall and Winter. I've never even owned any Converse before, but I think these sneakers would be a great way to embrace the Futuristic trend in a muted way. In case you haven't noticed, I'll take classic/prep rather than thrifty/bohemian any day. Maybe because I am classic/prep. Yeah, I guess that's pretty much it.

These adorable Alexis Bittar skinny lucite bangles are just one of the best finds i've seen in along time...they are just so wearable for everything. Pile on the candy-colored ones for a funky, disco affect. Put only the silver and blue and you have futuristic! They're great for school/work, parties, going-out about town...the only thing is they are $50 each...which would mean maybe I'll just leave the blue and "candy-colored" ones behind and just take the silver for futuristic. Sounds better.

Hope You Loved My "The Future..." (Spongebob Moment!) Post!