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Friday, March 31, 2006

Pants- Especially for you know who...

Okay, this season it is all about flirty, sexy, and voluminous on top and super skinny and tailored on the bottom. For events that you would like to wear elegant pants to without looking stiff or like a party-pooper, pair it with either a camisole or a cute top that balances things out. Here are some pants that are all cigarette type, meaning they are all very skinny and tapered. They can all be found at Nordstrom except the Sean by Sean Combs Stretch Cargo Pants which can be found at Saks on sale.

These pants are snow white and are tailored while being skinny at the bottom making you look longer and leaner. Also the stretch twill makes you have no creases making the pants look smooth and well cut. They are MICHAEL by Michael Kors stretch twill trousers and cost $89.

These pretty great-looking pants are at first glance normal finely-tailored pants, but you get a closer look and they have little studs down the side-seams to match the aged-gold button. This is the Laundry by Shelli Segal studded pant and cost $225.

If you feel like wearing comfortable jeans but are going to a more elegant event, these are perfect!! They have the trouser cut and fit as well as finish but are denim material. Also, the dark wash is great for this look. They are the Marc by Marc Jacobs dark stretch denim trousers and are $178.

These pants are following two trends right now so they are really up to date and ON SALE!! They have the skinny look and the cargo look as well which paired together makes a great-looking bottom. They are the Sean by Sean Combs Stretch Cargo Pants $69.90.

Even though these pants are sort of against what I am saying, they still have a straight-ish look to it and are super cute. I also needed a khaki pant in here so this is a pretty good one. This pant is the Marc by Marc Jacobs Stretch Gabardine Pants and cost $168.

Okay so I hope you liked my post of pants, I have to go...

*Annette: El traje blanco y negro lo puedes encontrar en Nordstrom, y se llama el Mary L. Couture bias cut gown y cuesta $308.
Dime si ya tienes la camisa...
Luv ya, BYE!!!

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Prom is Here!

This post will be covering Prom: Senior and Junior!
But first, I'll start with some quick background information: The prom was first created in English times where they were called Promenades. They were for teenagers (girls and boys) and would have lively dancing, dinner, and socializing. The people would get dressed in their best clothes and gowns (people would mostly buy or make new elegant clothes) and act very polite with manners. The Promenades were so important to these people that most girls would get proposed to at the end for marriage.
Now that I'm done with that, I will start posting tips, dresses, shoes, accesories, and everything else that will make your prom night perfect!Okay here it is.

The dresses featured will be beautiful and let your natural beauty come through. That is why I don't really like the color black for gowns in proms, I prefer the color that suits you best or nudes and beige. Before I tell you the products, I'm going to tell you the colors that suit you best according to skin and hair color.

According To Your Skin Color:
For fair-skinned girls, I really like warm colors to warm up their compexions, so anywhere from peaches to hot pinks and all the way to burnt oranges are fine.
For yellowish complexions: I LOVE reds on you because it picks up your yellow undertones without making you look super yellow. Anywhere from jewel toned raspberry reds to blood-reds is really good.
For olive-skinned complexions browns are very great on you because again, they pick up that hint of olive without making you look green. Also, yellows are great on you.
For medium-skinned girls, I really like cool tones to contrast with their complexions, so colors that vary from sky blues to deep aquas and blue greens to darker (almost navy) blues are great. Lastly: For dark-skinned complexions, I really like jewel toned purples and emerald greens but not together (think of them seperately, so it won't result in a wierd Barney look). Anywhere from lilacs to deep amethysts and bright emerald greens to forest greens are amazing on you.

According To Your Hair Color:
For blondies and brunettes(includes black): I really like for both groups cool colors such as aqua is amazing on both (really it is, for both because to each it makes a huge contrast!) Also, sky blue to navy look great. For brunettes only, canary yellow is really good and for only blondes, light pink is really good.
Redheads: The absolute best color on you would undoubtedly be green. From light chartreuse to shiny shimmery emeralds to forest greens(look best in satin).

UNIVERSAL Color: The color that looks phenomenal on every skin tone and hair color is beige.beige.beige. Beige is great wether it is light creamy nude, champagne, or all the way to mocha cappucino; it is amazing on everybody.

Now I will present to you a lot of gowns to commemorate this once-in-a-lifetime chance that hopefully will drive you B-A-N-A-N-A-S (Gwen Stefani) and will consider them. All of these dresses can be found at Nordstrom.

This dress is ABS by Allen Schwartz and can be bought for $320.

This dress is $380 and is also by ABS by Allen Schwartz

This dress is $470 and is by yup' ABS by Allen Schwartz AGAIN! Last time I promise

This super shimmery number is by Bari Jay and costs $188

Also by Bari Jay (a double brand[can't beat the ABS triple!]) It will unload $188 from your bank account.

This silky BCBG Max Azria dress will empty your pockets $288

This dress is Betsy+Adam and will cost you $188

This piece is by Nicole Miller and will lighten up your wallet $238

This dress is by Faviana and will decrease your bank account $198

This super gorgeous gold metallic gown is by Nicole Miller and costs $268.

This dress is fabulous (to be black.hahaha.) by L.A.M.B. and won't exactly give you a bang for your buck at the hefty price of $525.

This Indian-inspired dress by Laundry by Shelli Shegal has a beautiful print and is $370.

This super cute printed bottom black-and-white dress (perfect for the new black/white trend) is by Mary L. Couture and (I don't know another saying for money so I'm just gonna say plainly...) costs $308.

This beaded confection of a dress is by the Sean Collection and will break your bank account, empty your wallet, and lighten your pockets (ooohhhh beat that) $288.

This dress looks like so ruffly like a confection. This sweet and frilly dress is from the Sean Collection and costs $299.

This dress is by ABS by Allen Schwartz and would cost you $198

Well I gotta go, I hope you liked it... I'm tired...
(PS: The dress featured at the top is Marc Jacobs $4900 and can also be bought at Nordstrom[designer collections])

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Spring is Herrrrre!

Okay, Spring is here and I am going to commemorate this by doing a post on your whole new Spring wardrobe (if you can afford to get one, unlike me). So well here they are:

Here are some bags I find essential for your Spring wardrobe that will take you between school, the mall, work(if you have one), and dates!They are all marc by marc jacobs.

This bag is perfect for those long days of work: You can store as much makeup as you want to play with when you get bored!!! The cute factor is off the charts with style, too. You can buy it for $1200.

This tote has the perfect touch of bohemian for school and is great for this occasion because of it's huge size without looking frumpy. If you are interested you can get it for $358.
This bad is perfect-o for the mall because of it's gorgeous color and supple leather as well as being spacious but not too big and showing off the brand just right. You can get it for $398.

Last of the bags is the date wristlet or clutch. This one is perfect because it justs fits your cash, tiny lipgloss and cellphone (he should be carrying the keys!). Also, the metallic almost white- silver is sooo gorgeous! You can get it for $128.

Now I'll show you a couple of spring dresses you can wear for different occasions (school or work, weddings, etc.)

This dress is perfect for one of those casual outdoor weddings during spring. If you feel more comfortable with a cover up, you can always pair this with a bolero that matches one of the accent colors in the dress (NO white, it will take the attention off the bride, unless the bride is not wearing white; then you can wear a white bolero or cardigan). It is Nicole Miller and sells for $385.

This dress is great for a fancier wedding and looks a lot like the above one but more elegant and longer. If you feel more comfortable with a cover up, read what I said about wedding cover ups in the one before this. It is by Milly and is $470.

This dress is so cool for school and work because of the pretty wrap and gorgeous fabric. It is a great girly length and is not provocative for school or work because of it's 3/4 sleeves. You can get it for $298 by Diane Von Furstenburg.

This dress is also great for school or work because the eyelet print is so sweet and demure. It has cap sleeves which are good for this occasion and a pretty wrap and collar. It is Diane Von Furstenburg and sells for $465.

(Ignore the freaky, dazed look on the model's eyes)This dress is yet again Diane Von Furstenburg and is so great for a night out on the town with your girlfriends or for a date to a fancy night-time restaurant. It is $455

This Roberto Cavalli dress is great for a day or night out with your friends because of the bold print and length. You can get it for $485.

Now I'll be covering spring... tada! SHOES!!! It's no surprise that I absolutely LIVE for shoes so this totally excites me... Well, okay here they are(there is alot!!!) (12!!!)

These shoes by Giuseppe Zanotti are perfectly embellished and cost $495.

I could just imagine wearing these if I were a secretary or something- or really anything and I would still wear them!!!! They are Manolo Blankhik and cost $515.

The floral of these shoes are sooo spring,they will go perfectly with all of your new dresses. They are by D&G by Dolce and Gabbana and sell for $525.

These Gucci shoes new for spring are adorable, with the white wispy flowers on the chocolate leather. Believe it or not, they are pretty comfy too! They sell for $675.

These flats ar the cutest spring flats I have ever seen in my life!!! They are so darn adorable...They cost $280 and are from none other than cute central- Miu Miu.

Even though I am not a lover of gold flat sandals, these strike a chord with me. They are from Dolce and Gabbana and sell for an expensive-for-flip flops $475.

I L-O-V-E love these Miu Miu platforms. However you do Spring platforms, Miu Miu knows how to do them right, you know? Anyway, they will decrease your bank account $410.

These Gladiator sandals remind me of something Hercules would wear (a gay Hercules). They are by Andre Gn and sell for $440.

I could just picture myself chilling by a fancy pool in a red bikini and huge Jackie-O sunglasses and scarf with these mules...AAAHHHH...Anyway, they are by Gucci and cost $410.

These aren't exactly spring, but they are just sooo cute I had to include them... they cost $795 (Wheeew) and are by Christian Loubutin.

These loafers by Bottega Veneta are adorable for those Spring skirts and dresses, it gives them that masculine appeal in just the right quantity.If you are interested, they cost $550.

These high-heeled slides commemorate the chains trend in accesories, but this time instead of putting them on bags like Louis Vuitton did, Gucci put them on shoes. They will set your wallet back $440.

Saturday, March 25, 2006

Quick info

Okay, this post is just a really quick one: I have a new e-mail reserved for my blog readers for you to ask me style questions and dilemmas. It is (if you have not read my profile)
Please give me your fashion questions you have no idea how fun it is for me!!! I'll always be sure to answer.Really!!!

Luv Ya, Bye!!

More sailor suit style things

Okay I know I should be putting more equestrian things but... I don't know, sailor stuff is just plain fresher!!!
There are these three bags that have the same style but prices are way different. Here they are from guilty pleasure to cheapy pleasure:

This Louis Vuitton tote is called the Antigua Cabas MM and sells for $640.00. A cheaper bag that is still very much Nautical inspired
would be this one:

This handbag has the blue color and studs down the sides like it's latter. It's by Kenneth Cole and sells for $258.
This hobo doesn't really look like the above two, but is still very much nautical and looks very expensive while being very cheap. Besides it has the blue nautical colour. You can get it at Club Monaco for $69.

Now I'll show some other nautical inspired stuff to sass up your spring wardrobe:

This bracelet is by Gerard Rosca and sells for $150
These wedges aren't what they exactly call boat shoes but they just remind me of the ocean!
They sell for $190 and are by Kors by Michael Kors
Lastly, these are what they call boat shoes unlike the wedges and are super comfortable while the color is rich and beautiful.
They are by Sebago and sell for a great price: $75

A more expensive version would be these Salvatore Ferragamo drivers in black and cream-$310 and natural-$295

Luv Ya, Bye!!!