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Friday, July 27, 2007

Hairspray- The Wardrobe!

Last Tuesday I went with my friends to see Hairspray in theaters and honestly, I didn't know what to expect. I really didn't know if it was going to capture the 1950's wardrobe wise, but of course, I really hoped it would as it is my favorite era of fashion. It was a time of prim skirts and coiffed hair and just altogether perfect-ness which I have to admit, I love. And it was a very good surprise when I saw that every single outfit in the movie was perfectly 50's, as was the music (which I am also in love with!). I loved all of the looks, which is why I decided to do a post about my Top 3! Hope You It:

3. I thought this outfit on Brittany Snow was adorable, the a-line dress was perfect with the flowers on the hem and bodice as well as the row of buttons. The sea foam-ish cardigan was coordinated with the look, but not too matchy-matchy which I love. It's pretty wierd that on Snow, the white flats look cute, but on the other girls behind her they look well, not cute. It also helps that her outfit looks pretty and polished, while the other girl's outfits are of the era, but just average. It would have been higher on my list if it wasn't too Martha Stewart/Stepford Wives...I mean, you do have to draw the line somewhere!

2. Oh. My. Gosh. I just loved this!!!! First of all, I adore Queen Latifah in every way, as she is a great actress, singer, comedian, and looks like (I've never met her, obviously) she has a great personality. Also, I really love almost everything she wears for big events (like her gowns) and this year's Oscars were no exception. The plunging neckline on this animal print dress is perfect with the big necklace, and even though I would normally think a completely animal print maxi-dress would be too much, this looks gorgeous. I especially loved the feather boa :)

1. The minute I saw this scene in the movie, I immediately squealed *inside of course, I wasn't about to squeal out loud in a movie theater!*. I adored everything about the dresses- pink, sparkly, and completely over the top! The dresses were also a hit on Ebay, where they both were sold at $1,000+ prices, all the proceeds going to the Meals on Wheels Organization. I loved that in this scene in the movie, they did a complete makeover on Edna Turnbald (the mother of Tracey Turnbald; in real life: John Travolta) and it makes her get the confidence to finally be more sure of herself (and her weight) and to get out of the house much more!

So, I guess you can pretty much tell I loved the movie Hairspray...(I really recommend it!)


Monday, July 16, 2007

VS Pink: So Adorable!

I have had an addiction for VS Pink *Victoria's Secret Pink, for all of you living under a rock lately- Just kidding :)* pj's (or "loungewear" whatever) and accessories for like ever, so I decided that it was a great idea to finally do a post about it! It also kind of helped that commenter Lian gave me the idea for it...Thank you! Anyways, they have a lot of new things out for Back to School that are really cute that I just love...and the best part? With any purchase from PINK, you get a free Pink Mini Dog (while supplies last)! Of course, I already got my VS Pink "fix" today (as well as the mini dog) because it will look so cute in my room. All you have to do is enter the code PINKU when you order through the internet, or you can always get it at the store. Anyways, here are my absolute favorite new Pink things:

I've been in L-O-V-E with this pillow since it came out, because it looks graphic and "cool" while looking cute and girly (because of the pink). The description says it gives "pretty punch" in pillow fights, which I think is sort of dumb as a description, but whatever :) Anyways, I really love it, and it reminds me of something they would feature in a Teen Vogue room! (I adore Teen Vogue) This isn't a new VS Pink item, but I still think it is prettier than all the other new pillows so, there. Anyways, it costs $22.50

This sparkly, adorable tee is great, because 1. It's limited-edition, and 2. It represents all the fun they had in this year's World's Largest PINK Pajama Party in Chicago. I didn't go, but I know that Fergie performed, free PINK items were given out, and the party anthem was Fergie's "Here I Come" which I love. Anyways, this tee-shirt costs $29.50...but all the sparkly/glittery/shiny things on it makes it worth it!

VS PINK has always had it's signature perfume, but now it has added three new scents to it's collection: Sweet and Tart, Fruity and Bright, and Fresh and Clean. I'm dying to smell each of them in the store to know which I like the best, but for now I really think I'm going to like Fresh and Clean the best. Anyways, each new scent has a body lotion $12, body mist $15, and sudsy soap $10.50 (each sold seperately). My favorite has to be the soap though, it looks so cute on a rope! :)

It would be my absolute dream to have taken this to a past sleepover...on top of it probably being really funny to have brought this, it is just so cute- as well as functional. It's even water repellent and has tons of that I think of it, it would be great for camping too! Not that I think I'll be going camping any time soon, but it would be great to bring if I would. Anyways, it costs $48.50.

I am completely in between saying this hoodie is completely amazing, or if it is completely tacky...which happens a lot when I'm looking at clothes, now that I think about it. This happens the most when I'm loooking at VS Pink or Juicy Couture clothes, for obvious reasons. Well, whatever, I actually think I like it- but I'm not sure if I would buy it...would you? Comment to tell me, please! It costs $68.

As most of you should know (if you've read my blog before) I'm a sucker for comfy-cuteness. Which of course, is why I just adore this scarf. I am loving rugby stripes (a trend for Fall) and the Varsity P and "peace hand" just make this cuter. Don't you just love that little peace hand? It even has a heart in it :) And, all for $19.50.

Hope You Loved It!

Thursday, July 05, 2007

The Clique's Adorable Looks!

Okay, first off I would like to thank Emily from The Local Celebrity for giving me the idea for this post- it ties in perfectly with the fact that the new book of the series just came out! By the way, I really recommend it (The Clique: Sealed With A Diss #8)- I just couldn't stop reading it. I also loved the hairstyle of the middle girl on the much, that I just cut my hair the same way yesterday! Anyways, the idea of this post is to create an adorable look for each girl from The Clique. If you haven't read the books yet (read them!), here is each girl's style (I sort of stole the names they gave each girl's style in Dial L for Loser): Massie is Trendy-Chic, Alicia is Flirty-Classic (very preppy, RL), Claire is Casual-Comfy (and sometimes cute), Kristen is Feminine-Sporty (almost all the things she wears is Puma brand) and Dylan is Loud-Proud and Slimming (she is always trying to make herself look skinnier in her clothes).

Massie's Trendy-Chic Outfit!:

- Rag & Bone Camisole, $173
- adam+eve Pleated Short, $265
- Tory Burch Tumbled Leather Reva Ballet Flat, $195
- Gorjana Heart Tag Necklace, $95
- Chloe Sunglasses, $270

Alicia's Feminine-Classic Outfit!:

- Lauren by Ralph Lauren Locke Short-Sleeved Jacket, $139
- Catherine Malandrino Camisole with Embroidery, $395
- J Brand 14" Cigarette Leg Stretch Jean, $159
- Ralph Lauren Blue Label Brass Marin Belt, $145
- Juicy Couture Envy Suede Flat, $225

Claire's Casual-Comfy/Cute Outfit!:

- American Eagle Cable Hoodie, $44.50
- Gap Classic Ribbed Tank, $14.50
- Juicy Couture Heather Velour Wide Leg Pant, $110 (borrowed by Massie, I guess!)
- Keds Champion Cable Knit Mini Slip-On, $49.99 (all her's!)
- Olympus Stylus 710, (I'm not really sure of the price, I sort of just put it because I know she loves photography and they never mention she wears jewelry)
Kristen's Feminine-Sporty Outfit!:

- Puma Terry Jacket, $55
- True Religion Lizzie Skirt, $152
- Juicy Couture Terry Cuffs, $17 each
- C&C California Color Blocked Tank, $48
- Mella Terry Flip Flop, $29

Dylan's Loud and Proud (and hopefully slimming!) Outfit!:

- Sunner Florent Kimono Dress, $282
- Paige Premium Denim Melrose Straight Leg Jean, $169
- Elegantly Waisted Patent Wrap Belt, $400
- Moschino Cheap & Chic Open Toe Patent Kiltie, $460
- Erickson Beamon for Shopbop Muse Ring, $361

Phew! Finally I'm done...what do you think?
Love Ya,

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Adorable: Red, Sparkly Sunglasses!

Okay, first of all, I'm pretty sorry for my minimal posting lately...but it really is not my fault. I've tried like, 600+ times to get to it, but when I do, nothing comes out! I have (had) a case of Blogger's Block, I guess, and can you please give me ideas of what to post? Please? Okay, then, now on to my post! A couple of days ago I was on yet another trip to the mall and I decided to go in the Louis Vuitton boutique to see if they had anything new. As soon as I step in, I saw the most gorgeous sunglasses I have ever seen- red, sparkly, retro (but not too retro) and perfect for my face- I loved them! Plus, they didn't have that tacky LV logo all over them, just in subtle corners. Of course, I would have to save up for a long time to actualy get them, and I already have an adorable pair that fit me good...but whatever!!!! The only problem is, they're in the store, but not in any websites, so I had to get a picture from one in Ebay (see below). Oh, did I mention they have a Kidz Bop 12? Haha...I've always considered those CD's to be so tacky...but not quite as tacky as Croc's! Anyways, if you haven't heard yet, they have the new Clique Book (#8) already out! My friend already bought it- and says it is a bit boring at the beginning- but that she thinks it might get better :) Just for a closing statement, I'm watching America's Funniest Home Videos and even though I admit some things are hilarious, the audience members look so tacky! The 90's...

Hope You Loved It!
The picture I used is only for talking about it- not for propanganda in any way! This is the link to the sunglasses on Ebay if you would like to see them!