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Friday, April 07, 2006

Prom things Continued...

This post is going to be covering Prom 101:Accessories!!!
But 1st Im going to show you my fave pic ever that I !!!! I'll give you a hint: "IMAGINATION"
It's so cute!!!

Anyway, now I will start with the most important accessory: The Ultimate Clutch!!!!
This clutch gives just the right amount of shimmer
to any outfit!! The details are gorgeous with the snake/leather trim and
princess-cut diamonds as a snap closure. It is the Coach Satin Framed clutch and will cost you $248. You can get it at or Coach stores nationwide.

This bag will get you in touch with your wild side!!! It is the Felix Rey Jungle Mesh clutch and is $90. Be sure to pair it with neutrals, though, if not it will be too wild!! It is on sale at Neiman Marcus.

This clutch is 1 part rocker, 1 part angelic, and 2 parts fabulous!!! This clutch is sooo gorgeous...I'm speechless (for once). It is by Juicy Couture and is the Quilted Leather wristlet in white and will cost you $155. You can buy it at Neiman Marcus.

This is the perfect metallic clutch for this post...It will dazzle everyone who lays eyes on it!!! It is the Lauren Merkin Eve Perforated Leather clutch and will empty your pockets $200. You can find it a Neiman Marcus.

This is for the girl who's all business, but wants to make a mark on her prom night too!!! It is from Marc Jacobs and is the Zip Clutch, costing $375. You can get it at Bloomingdales.

This clutch comes in these beautiful colors that are perfect for the average bohemian. I absolutely it, and i'm not even a hippie or a bohemian!!! It is MICHAEL by Michael Kors and is the stitched wristlet, costing you $98. You can get it at Bloomingdales.

This clutch is from Urban Outfitters and even though the sequins will dazzle everyone, the price will drop em' dead!!! It is the Night Life clutch costing you...$4.99!!!!

Okay, so that is the end of my clutch section, I've posted a clutch for the princess, the wild one, the rocker, the metallic-lover, the all-business, the bohemian, and ta-da the cheap-o.

Luv ya, bye!!!!